You Should Watch the Last 5 Episodes of 'Psych'

by Celeste Mora

Psych has always been one of my favorite shows. I remember when I started watching it, Hulu was a brand-new free streaming site, and USA kept posting episodes from this quirky cop show about a fake psychic and his best friend. I started watching for the carefree '80s references and silly humor, but I kept watching for seven more seasons because of the genuine friendships on the show. Even though Psych has been canceled, (the final season returns Wednesday night; the series final is March 26), I will always remember the great things they have done in the past. What other crime show would have a Twin Peaks-themed episode involving cinnamon? Or a Hitchcock-heavy finale that both came off as campy and deeply disturbing?

Even after the show's long gone, I'm going to keep watching. And here are five reasons you should join me.

1. The Catchphrases Won't Quit

I know that catchphrases are usually annoying cop-outs for TV writers who can't fill 25 or 43 minutes. However, the "come on son" and "suck it" of Psych form cute little refrains during even the most harrowing episodes. Also, the running gag where Shawn makes up new names for Gus can never grow stale.

2. The References are On-Point

I'm ashamed to say that there have been entire seasons of Psych where I have to pause an episode, look up a reference on Wikipedia, and keep watching. By now, it has become part of the viewing experience: a moment of education in the middle of a TV show.

3. The Themed Episodes are Legendary

From horror adventure camps to roller derby rinks, Shawn and Gus have found a (usually human) body in almost every possible venue, but every time, the theme is the third star of the show. The creators are so committed to their themed episodes that they even change the intro song!

4. The Quirks are Never-Ending

Gus seems to have an eternal supply of hobbies, random information, and weird pickup lines. But between his moments of inspiration, Gus still has a good time, and his quirks make him more than a side-kick.

5. The Friendship is Unstoppable

I love Shawn and Jules as much as any other Psych fan, but we all know where the deepest love is: Shawn and Gus. Shawn loves Gus more than he ever lets on, and Gus's eternal patience for Shawn's antics never ceases to amaze me. These two are the real deal, and I hope that if I ever start a fake psychic detective agency, I'll have a great best friend to do it with.

Image: USA Network