Here are all the Oscar Movie Mashups You Need

In case you haven't been following the endless glut of predictions and updates, the Oscars are coming this Sunday. This year the field is even wider, and the competition even more fierce. With all the time spent analyzing various actors' and directors' Oscar campaigns, the Golden Globes have begun to feel like Super Tuesday, and the weeks between awards shows have felt like months on a campaign trail.

Despite the serious bent to this year's Oscar race, there are still Internet pranksters looking to poke a little fun at award-nominated films. We've all seen the Oscar nominees re-cast with kids, but many people have missed some sincerely funny mashups of Oscar films with, well, everything else.

Some of these shorts simply mush together the trailers of candidates for Best Picture, desperately trying to find commonalities between movies about space travel, greed, Nebraska, and slavery, but for the most part, these mashups are pretty fun. Oh, and some of them actually show us how all trailers are alike.


Even more exciting than the strict trailer mashups, though, are the crazy cross-media mixture of an Oscar nominee with some other movie (or TV show). One of my favorites is the trailer for Breaking Bad done in the style of The Wolf of Wall Street, where Walt narrates his accomplishments. It's weird, it's depraved, and yet the pairing is somehow perfect.

A more adorable version of this mashup is the WALL-E and Her, where Samantha is played by EVE. Fair warning, it might make you fall in love with WALL-E all over again.

Although some Oscar mashups seem well thought-out, there are those that just exist for the sake of putting award-nominated footage to music. This supercut of partying footage from The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle gives us all of the debauchery from both films, without any of the plot.

In the wild world of movie mashups, this year's Oscar candidates make for some pretty interesting Frankenvideos. Let's see how they fare in big show Sunday night.