The One Kendall + Kylie Topshop Swimsuit You Need

It's here! The Kendall + Kylie swimsuit collection for Topshop arrives today, June 9. There are plenty of swimwear choices in a variety of cuts, prices, colors, and fits. There are one-pieces, bikinis, tops, bottoms, and more that are very L.A.-inspired and very Kendall and Kylie. That is, they are on trend and cute. I was pleased to see that the this Topshop beach range is versastile and fashionable, whether you plan to simply lounge by the pool, to soak up the sun (after slathering yourself in SPF 75, of course), to take a dip in the ocean, or wrap a sarong around the lower half of your body and strut down the boardwalk!

While this swimsuit collection is an embarrassment of riches in terms of looks —I particularly love the black harness swimsuit, which is a style that Kylie has rocked in the past, but I also appreciate that it's a very particular look — there is one suit that looks pretty universally wearable. Which Kendall + Kylie for Topshop swimsuit should you get if you can only nab one.

While the two-pieces, which boast the sisters' names on the waistband, Calvin Klein-style, are ultra trendy, the cobalt blue one-piece is so timeless and versatile. It's affordable, classic, and you can wear it over several summers and remain in style.

Tape Detailed Swimsuit, $75, Topshop

This swimsuit has a classic, flattering cut. It's a bright, inviting shade that will pop against your sand-coated skin. The straps look to provide support, too. Plus, the branding is on the back straps, so it's not all flashy or too obvious.

It also comes in black! If you care for it properly, you will be able to wear it for plenty of summers.

It's a simple silhouette, but it remains sexy and wearable. You could also throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans or a cut-offs and wear this swimsuit like a tank. #Versatile #Multipurpose.

Kendall looks killer in this swimsuit, doesn't she? You will, too. You can wear it for multiple seasons and years, so it will shake out to a cost of pennies per

Images: Courtesy of Topshop (4)