8 Times 'Another Period' Made The Edwardian Era Look Baller As Hell

The image that comes to mind when you picture the early 1900s probably involves modestly-dressed aristocrats sitting sidesaddle on horses, sipping tea and discussing the nuances of proper social etiquette. But the Edwardian era of Another Period is a bit more like an early aughts hip-hop video, chock full of Champagne showers, piles of money, and good old-fashioned bad behavior. Less “turn of the century,” more “turnt of the century.”

From their flagrant waste of food to their copious alcohol consumption, the Bellacourt sisters indulge in lives of excess that would make the biggest modern-day ballers throw of their hands and say "Well, that's just too baller..." Contemporary gangsters pop bottles in the club, the Bellacourts pop bottles of unregulated cocaine wine in their sitting parlors. Contemporary gangsters hang on yachts, the Bellacourts have their servants pull them on lawn boats. If we can learn anything from Lillian and Beatrice, it’s that the hyperbolic opulence of the past was off the chain (and a little scary).

We're remembering a series of moments when these bonkers one-percenter sisters gave present-day gangsters a run for their money in the “offensive extravagance” department. Another Period premieres tonight (June 15). Catch new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central or anytime on the CC App.

1. All The Day Drinking, All The Time

What staves off the boredom when your primary obligations involve sitting around all day and pelting pastries at your servants, like an early 20th century aristocrat? ALCOHOL, that's what.

2. All The Alcohol Wasting, All The Time

In your own life as a pleb, you regularly drink alcohol you don't even want. Because what sort of monster would waste that second two-for-one happy hour drink, right? The Bellacourts, on the other hand, have no problem with using fine Champagne to water their lawn.

3. When They Mixed Alcohol With (Ahem) Other Substances

When Lillian and Beatrice host Helen Keller in their salon, they play a little game to break the ice called Who Can Drink The Most Cocaine Wine In One Sitting?" After all, a high-born lady should be able to hold her stimulant-laced liquor.

4. When They Romantically Lawn-Boated

If you're in the mood for a day of sailing and you don't live near the ocean, bring the ocean to you. And when I say, "bring the ocean to you," I mean "force your servant to pull you across your estate in a canoe."

5. When They Had An Extravagant Feast (For Canines)

As a steward of a fine manor, it's your duty to treat all of God's creatures with a high degree of respect. This means giving your pets as much fine food as they deserve. Maybe if there's some left, allow your human servants to sneak a couple bites of their leftovers.

6. When They Filled A Piñata With Diamonds

That's right, you heard me. Lillian's birthday party boasted a piñata filled with diamonds. Candy is for serfs.

7. When Lillian Almost Got A Gold-Dipped Pony For Her Birthday

Even the rich aren't immune to disappointment. Though Lillian wanted a pony dipped in gold for her birthday, she had to settle for one that was merely painted gold. As her mother, Dodo explained, they tried to "dip one in molten gold, but it just put up such a fight."

8. That Time It Took Six People To Undress Beatrice For Carnal Activity

Why have your lover passionately rip off your clothes, when you have six ladies in waiting to do it for him? It's so much more erotic this way...

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Images: Comedy Central; Comedy Central/ YouTube (8)