This "Smart Table" Chills Wine & Charges Your Phone As You Eat — VIDEO

Stop whatever you are doing because the future is knocking on your front door, and it's about to make your mealtimes as Millennial AF. SmartSlab designed a futuristic smart table that chills wine, along with a slew of other cool functions. Its design and functionality merge together to create something we all need and want inside of our homes. Preferably by this weekend. I have guests coming.

You would never suspect that contained within a 6-millimeter-thin ceramic tile tabletop are heating, cooling, and inductive cooking technologies. What you see in front of you is a table. What you get are an oven and refrigerator right underneath your fingertips. The ceramic tile is a product of SapienStone, which boasts a bactericidal, self-cleaning and anti-odor surface. It's long lasting and made from particles that make the surface of the slabs highly resistant to scratching. Even if you use it every night for entertaining (which, if I could get my hands on it, I definitely would).

Having this table will entertain your guests in the purest form of the word's meaning. Everyone in your house will have a meltdown over the functionality of this table top. It can cook your food right on the table, keep it warm throughout the entirety of the meal and at the same time keep all of your drinks cool and refreshing. I guess we are getting closer to being like the Jetsons every year. If you are looking to buy the tabletop before your next big dinner night, you are out of luck. No word has come out about the purchase price or even a release date for the consumer market. All we have is an incredible video that makes me wish I was a billionaire with an expandable bank account. Here is to hoping that this design will become a Bed, Bath and Beyond staple.

SapienStone on YouTube

The Table Material

The material used to create this Smart Slab are called ACTIVE Photocatalytic Ceramics. According to the company:

ACTIVE Photocatalytic Ceramic™ is a substance on the frontier of ECO-ACTIVE materials. The photocatalyst in ACTIVE is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in the form of micrometric particles that adhere to the porcelain at high temperatures.

They are spectacularly functional, and help create very thin table tops. This probably means that the table is significantly easier to move around.


The table is able to comfortably sit five to six people, depending on having a personal chef or not. It looks modern enough to be in a museum, but instead, it's a work of art inside of your very own living room. The best part is that it can boil water!

The team behind it explained that it is safe enough for your hands, but can also do this:

BOIL PASTA. IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. You don't need to go to the kitchen anymore. You can cook up mac and cheese, and then keep that dish warm the entire time. Your cheese will never stop being melted and perfect!

It can also keep your wine cold.

That means you never have to dilute it with ice cubes ever again. Long live science.

Images: YouTube