10 Closet Hacks for People Who Need More Room

Closet space can be a hot commodity these days, especially if you live in a city where closet space isn't always available. So, you do what you can with the space that you do have (which usually means you're unabashedly sizing up friends' tiny closets for space-saving tips.) But once you've found the genius closet hacks that'll make organizing your clothes and accessories easy, you might just find you're working with more space than you realized — though, likely still not as much space as Cher from Clueless.

With a few simple fixes and a bit of time, you can make your comically tiny, little closet seem huge. All it takes is some space-saving hacks and the right products for organizing your closet. Outfit your wardrobe with hangers that take up half the space of a normal-sized one, or add a clothing rod to your closet to make it into a two-level one that doubles your hanging space. Expand shelf space with detachable containers, or even add hooks to organize accessories to make a huge, significantly more helpful difference.

Make your closet your happy place and maximize the space, so you don’t have to give up your shopping habit. Just because you don’t have a walk-in closet doesn’t mean you have to start selling your thirty pairs of shoes, right?

Create More Shelf Space

mDesign Wire Shelving Organizer, $10-$15, Amazon

Shelf space is so important when you don't have a lot of storage, as it's your foundation for making the best out of whatever space you do have. A lot of closets have wire shelving, and you can take advantage of that by using compact plastic storage bins with hooks that maximize your shelf space. You can neatly store clothing, similar shirts, workout clothes, pajamas, or even shoes! The shelves come in many different sizes, so you'll be sure to find some that fit in your space.

Double Your Closet Size By Building Up

Whitmor Ebony Chrome Collection Double Closet Rod, $8, Amazon

If you have a closet with a really high rod installed in it, you are so lucky. You can easily double your closet space with this closet rod. It seamlessly attaches to your current rod, optimizing your hanging space. Now, you can hang shirts on the top rod, and pants and skirts on the bottom one. You can even get creative and hang this in an unused space in your apartment by attaching hooks to the ceiling and hanging the rod from the hooks. Organization is fun, isn't it?

Cascade Clothing For Even More Space

Ipoh Wonder Magic Metal Wardrobe Closet Bar Hanger Organizers (Set of 4), $9, Amazon

With a set of two of these, you can hang up 24 items of clothing in the space that you would hang two items of clothing. One user said, "I've probably saved at least three feet of space in one closet just from using these." They aren't expensive, and the metal design allows you to hang up heavier items on the "wonder hanger." You can even use them to organize clothing by type — like one hanger for short sleeve shirts and one for long sleeve.

Utilize All Of Your Closet Space — Even the Door

Jokari Over the Door Hanging Purse Racks, 2-Count, $10, Amazon

Utilizing all of your closet space means using the door to hang things as well. If you have a lot of bags, they can take up valuable shelf space. This over-the-door rack eliminates that problem, allowing you to hang your bags from the back of the door and keep them off of your shelves. This rack lets you hang up eight pounds worth of purses and fits over most doors.

Don't Forget to Make Sure Your Shoes Stack Up, Too

Sorbus Shoe Rack Organizer Storage, $30, Amazon

If you love shoes like I do, a shoe rack will become your best friend. Seriously — they save so much space on your floor. Instead of having rows and rows of shoes on the closet floor or around your bedroom, invest in a stackable shoe rack, so you only take up a portion of the closet floor. You can purchase one set and continue to stack it if your shoe habit gets out of control. It's easy to assemble and holds up to 20 pairs of shoes, and you'll stop destroying your lesser-worn shoes that get buried underneath your seasonal shoes.

Declutter Your Surfaces By Hanging Jewelry From Hooks

Steel Jewelry Hangers (3-Pack), $14, Amazon

If your wall space is just as crammed as your surfaces, keep jewelry from taking over your room by moving it to the closet with a few space-saving mini hangers crafted specifically for your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It'll make getting ready in the morning ten times easier because you can see everything you have and they won't get tangled. Plus, the easy hooks mean no need to unfasten your necklaces to store them without creating knots.

Maximize Hanging Space With Velvet Hangers

AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Hangers (Pack of 50) , $24, Amazon

These hangers are lifesavers. They are the things of dreams. Seriously, you'll double the amount of hanging space that you have in your closet with these. Plus, they have a no-slip grip, which means that you won't have to pick clothes up off the floor of your closet anymore. Throw away the plastic hangers and buy a few boxes of these; you'll be amazed at how practical they are.

Save Space And Organize Belts, Scarves & Larger Accessories

DecoBros Supreme 23 Loop Scarf/Belt/Tie Organizer Hanger , $9, Amazon

Instead of throwing your accessories on the floor or in a drawer, hang them up. This accessory hanger is a great way to keep belts and scarves organized. There are 23 loops in the hanger, giving you the chance to hang up all of your accessories. One user said that the "flat loop design keeps scarves from slipping out easily as compared to the round loop designs. It also saves them from wrinkles."

...And Save Time With Easy-Slide Slacks Hangers

J.S. Hanger Pants Hangers (Set of 20) , $30, Amazon

Every second counts when you're already ten minutes late, right? (Or even if you just hate hanging your clothes back up.) This set of 20 chrome and rubber no-slip hangers eliminates the need to take your hangers out or cram your freshly pressed pants down and through a three-sided plastic option. (Bonus: Reviewers are saying they're so sturdy, they're even using this set to hang up jeans, too.)

Learn About Organization

The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley, $20, Amazon

Make your closet and the rest of your home Pinterest-worthy by learning how to effectively organize. There are specific guides for each area of your home with beautiful and colorful photos that are sure to inspire you to get up and start cleaning. It offers solutions on how to make the most of your space in a small apartment, in the kitchen, and (of course) in your closets. You get a great guide on organization, as well as a cool coffee table book!

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