Lady Stoneheart & 'GoT' Just Are Not Meant To Be

There are some Game of Thrones theories that just won't die, despite the obvious irony present. Personally, I think that Game of Thrones has ruined the chance to introduce Lady Stoneheart, despite any potential clues that the resurrected character has been hiding in the shadows all this time. It's simply too late, in more ways than one.

Lady Stoneheart, the mute and revenge-driven resurrected Catelyn Stark, is leading the Brotherhood Without Banners in the books after having her throat slit at the Red Wedding. With so many references to both the Brotherhood and and the circumstances of Lady Stark's demise this season, hope that the antiheroine's arrival has sprung up yet again.

Honestly, I am biased and I don't mind admitting that. I personally don't want to see Lady Stoneheart on the show at all. We need to move on from the trauma that was the Red Wedding. I don't even like seeing Edmure on the show again. Sure, it would be cool to see a female villain who isn't Cersei Lannister on the show. However, I would prefer to see Daenerys do a dance with the dark side than to have someone as level-headed as Cat Stark turn evil.

1. Jon Snow's Current Situation

Look. The last thing we want is for Lady Stoneheart to meet Jon Snow. TRUST ME. She's out for those who have wronged her family, House Frey and House Lannister, and pretty much all men in general. Considering that Cat wasn't a huge fan of Jon in life, meeting her in death would be disastrous.

2. Jaime & Brienne

A key moment between Lady Stoneheart and Brienne of Tarth has a lot riding on the fact that Jaime Lannister is not there to side with his former companion. Considering that the two are not only reuniting soon on Game of Thrones, but are on opposing sides, this may have ruined the likelihood of Stoneheart's intervention.

3. HBO & Michelle Fairley Say "No"

Last year, while Kit Harington was being hounded about Jon Snow's death, Michelle Fairley was still being asked about Lady Stoneheart. In an interview with The Telegraph, she again said that she is not under contract to return. She's also doing other things, including The White Princess on Starz! Meanwhile, executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss continue to say, at least up until last year in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that Lady Stoneheart is not a part of the story they are telling. I know that these are the same men who looked President Obama in the face and told him that Jon Snow was dead, but they weren't wrong, and we have to maintain some level of trust.

4. No Body, No Proof

We never saw what happened to Cat Stark's body. In the books, she was dumped in the water. That's a lot of backstory to explain quickly.

5. That's A Lot Of Resurrected Starks

Look, I love the Rule of Threes as much as anybody. But between Jon Snow's resurrection and Benjen Stark's transformation into Cold Hands, that's a lot of Starks rising from the dead. Plus, the Hound returned from being presumed dead. He's not a Stark, but still. Double plus, from a certain point of view, that third resurrected Stark might have been Arya.

6. A Missing Direwolf

It wasn't a human who saved Cat's life after the Red Wedding — it was Arya's pet Nymeria. In the books, there are rumors about Nymeria's whereabouts sprinkled throughout the other action. On the HBO series, Nymeria is more forgotten than Gendry. While it would be cool to gain a direwolf after losing two this season, I would hate for Nymeria's big return to be in a flashback. Plus, when this happens, Arya is warging into Nymeria — and Arya isn't a warg on the HBO series.

7. The Brotherhood's Latest Slaughter

Lady Stoneheart has no problem with murder, but Brother Ray's people had nothing to do with the Lannisters or the Freys, enemies of House Stark, and included innocent women and children. That doesn't fit Lady Stoneheart's modus operandi, and therefore it's unlikely that she is leading the Brotherhood.

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