This Mom Surprised With Beyonce Tickets From Her Kids Is The Only Internet You Need Today

Queen Beyoncé has been on a dominating Formation world tour, giving us all life. Some of the lucky few have been able to see her shine on stage, while others patiently wait for tickets to come on sale, but Bey-ry tales came true a few days ago when two kids surprised their mom with Beyoncé tickets in Philadelphia. Watching her reaction to the tickets is almost as perfect as having a ticket yourself. (Almost.)

As someone who got to witness Beyoncé in all her glory I totally understand how emotional the experience was. Just to give you a taste, in case you haven't seen the videos online, Beyoncé slays stadiums with visuals and choreography that I have not seen matched in my lifetime by any other artist. A 30 foot screen projects her image to every single person in attendance — it truly doesn't matter if you bought tickets in the nosebleed seats or right in the front row. Everyone can see Beyoncé work. Just try to tear your eyes away. Also, in case you are feeling chilly, giant fire blasters explode into the air letting your feel their heat each time.

Basically, Beyoncé and her concerts are worth all the money and secrecy from Lowkeyshia Cole and her brother Shannon. They purchased tickets as a surprise gift to their mother telling her to get ready for a typical party. Dressed to the nines, they drove her to the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania where the Formation tour was kicking off. When they finally revealed where they were going, their mother didn't wan't to believe them. Her reaction was priceless! Lowkeyshia chronicled the entire night on Twitter.

It started off a typical secret. Their mother didn't suspect a single thing. Then they finally tell her she is going to see the Queen. She loses it! (Let's get real, so would anyone.)

Her asking over and over who they are going to see is all of us. I know that David After Dentist is like YouTube royalty or whatever, but Lowkeyshia's mother is on that list now. If she is not, I will get her on it. It's really lovely to see how much this means to her. Her children obviously really appreciate their mother because those tickets are not cheap! Their mother seems so grateful, it puts a smile on my face just knowing she had the time of her life.

Oh man. I can't. This is too sweet. If she had any doubt that she was going to see Beyoncé that night, this picture below shows you that she was on board right away.

From my experience of seeing Beyoncé in Los Angeles, the entire concert was an event. Hopefully my kids surprise me with tickets to see her when I'm older! (HINT HINT, if you are reading this one day, future kids. It doesn't matter how much time has passed — Beyoncé will never go out of style.)