Donald Trump's Latest Trumpertantrum

Hillary Clinton is one step closer to the White House after big primary wins in California and New Jersey on Tuesday night. So much so that her delegate count is now at 2,203, next to the 2,383 she needs to solidify her spot as the nominee. On Thursday afternoon, President Obama shared in the Democratic Party's excitement when he endorsed Clinton. Of course, one person was not so happy about Obama's endorsement, and did what he does best when he's unhappy. Donald Trump took to Twitter to comment on Obama's endorsement the only way he knows how: with an insult and a tantrum.

Obama endorsed Clinton after meeting with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Thursday morning. The endorsement video was tweeted out by Clinton's official account and was also uploaded to her website. In his endorsement, the president called on his supporters and the Democratic Party to support Clinton in leading the party to a White House victory this fall, urging them to unite and stand behind her. Of course Trump, who rarely has anything positive to say about anything or anyone, Tweeted almost immediately, claiming that Obama endorsed the Democratic hopeful because "He wants four more years of Obama."

Clinton shot back at The Donald on her own Twitter account, telling him simply "Delete your account." Perhaps their brief exchange is some insight into what we might expect to see in the coming months leading up to the presidential elections in the fall. It's not a total surprise, however, as Trump has spent a significant amount of time on his Twitter account insulting a number of people, from Clinton to his previous GOP opponents and their wives to Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly. He also engaged in a heated exchange with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. So it seems that the presidential debates will likely have no boundaries this time around, specifically with the amount of time the candidates spend on social media.

Trump knows no boundaries — so much so that his wife Melania told Today host Matt Lauer that the habit she'd like for him to give up is "Let's see ... the Tweeting." We're with you on that one, Melania. Maybe Trump should take Clinton's advice and just get rid of it altogether.