Twitter Reacts To Emma Stone's Red Hair

When a celebrity undergoes a serious hair change, it definitely gets people talking, but three hair changes in one month? That's a whole, entirely different level, but according to the Twitter reactions to Emma Stone's red hair, people are just stoked to have the red hair back. I mean, not that she didn't look flawless as a blonde, but girl can pull off basically any color.

After dying her hair brown for her latest movie, Stone switched her hair color back to her natural blonde, which was basically not that surprising because we don't usually expect celebrities to keep hair colors/styles that they only altered for a film. But she's keeping us on our toes, because she's now dyed it red. Which marks three hair changes in one month. What is going on?!

To be honest, Stone is so gorgeous, it doesn't matter what hair color she has, and I love them all equally, but I'm more concerned about the health of her hair. That's a lot to put your hair through in one month, especially when you're lifting pigment and using bleach to go blonde. Luckily, she has access to the best-of-the-best when it comes to colorists, so I'm sure she knows what she's doing, but still. That is a lot of chemical action going on.

People on Twitter are also a little confused, talking about the frequent changes:

But most are just stoked to have Stone back as a redhead:

The people have spoken. Red is approved.