Stream the 2016 Tony Awards Red Carpet

The Tony Awards are going down this Sunday, June 12, and as great and entertaining as the show is going to be, for those of us who love fashion, the red carpet is hands-down the best part of any awards show. If you're wondering how to stream the 2016 Tony Awards red carpet, I've got you covered with exactly what you need to do so you get to see all the amazing fashion live as it's happening.

Whether you love fashion or not, the red carpet is never to be missed at an awards show. Yes, you do get the best view of the fashion before the show starts, but you also get interviews with the stars, and sometimes your fair share of drama, so there are tons of reasons you'd want to tune in before the show actually starts. Unlike some of the other major award shows, though, the Tonys red carpet isn't broadcast on television — but don't panic yet. You can totally stream the red carpet, so you don't miss any fashion, drama, or moments with your favorite stars before the show starts.

So where can you stream it? It's literally as easy as heading over to

The site will be featuring a live webcast on Tonys night, June 12th, and the red carpet goes from 5:30-8:00 PM EST, so you'll be assured to catch all the important action before the show starts.