5 Ways To Use Turmeric Oil For Skin Conditions, Oral Health & More — PHOTOS

Most of us DIY personal care artistes cannot get enough of turmeric. The benefits of using this potent spice are endless as is the amount of ways you can incorporate the stuff into your beauty recipes. My latest obsession is using turmeric-infused oil to add to pretty much all of my at-home concoctions.

When my roommate recently picked up some fresh organic turmeric at the grocery, I was delighted to start playing with the root as I typically only use ground turmeric in my recipes. Practically simultaneously, like a sign from the natural beauty gods, a fellow-aromatherapist gifted me an infused jar of turmeric oil that was aged to perfection. I knew what Mother Nature was trying to tell me: It was time I made my own turmeric oil to share with the world and make some pretty awesome DIY recipes to improve a variety of conditions.

Turmeric oil is made from infusing olive or sunflower oil with dried turmeric. We typically use these oils specifically because they contain the most fatty acids to help absorb flowers, seeds, and roots. Moreover, these oils tend to have a longer shelf-life and since infusing can take several months, you want to make sure you aren't working with expired oils. You can purchase turmeric oil or make your own to receive all the lavish health benefits.

After I got over marveling at my beautiful gift of turmeric oil, I realized I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew it would be magical. After a little experimentation, here are the five best DIYs I came up with.

1. Make A Night Serum To Restore Complexion

Turmeric does wonders for my complexion, so I used a tablespoon of turmeric oil, a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil, and three tablespoons of tamanu oil for a restorative, healing night serum that can support my skin while I catch some z's.

2. Put Turmeric Oil In Your Hair

Turmeric can reportedly promote hair growth and relieve dandruff. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and since putting turmeric powder in there can be a little messy, most of us will benefit from using the oil on our tresses. You can add turmeric oil to your existing conditioner or make an hot oil treatment with the oil. Either way, your hair will thank you later.

3. Get Relief From A Rash

I have a roommate with super sensitive skin that seems to be constantly living with a rash. Whether it's due to shaving irritation, allergies, or dry skin, turmeric oil has shown to relieve the appearance and irritation. For my roomie, I made a mix of turmeric oil, sea buckthorn oil, sesame oil, and calendula oil — all healing oils that her skin loves. While you can use the turmeric oil straight, adding additional oils can decrease the slightly orange coloring of the turmeric and plant some extra nutrients on the skin.

4. Try Oil Pulling

I'm a huge fan of oil pulling, but I had no idea that turmeric oil could actually whiten teeth. It seems somewhat contradictory to whiten your teeth with something known for staining your hands orange, but according sources at Wellness Mama, turmeric is great for dental hygiene. Just take a couple of teaspoons of the oil and swish around in your mouth for about 15 minutes before spitting out.

5. Make An Eczema Cream

Turmeric oil is great for eczema. The anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and cleansing properties are all great things for anyone with super dry skin. Make a turmeric butter by infusing shea butter with turmeric oil and apply directly on affected area. For this butter, I used 7 oz of shea butter, 4 oz of turmeric oil, 1 tsp of citric acid, and 1 tbsp of filtered water. The water and citric acid are optional. Blend together in a blender until liquified and allow to harden in a sealable jar. Depending on the turmeric oil, you shouldn't turn orange with this recipe. I certainly did not notice any orangey build-up, but everyone is different.

Now that you've learned how turmeric oil can support your beauty woes, you can appreciate this powerful spice even more!

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (6)