Warren's Searing Speech Eviscerated Trump

by Noor Al-Sibai

Ahead of her endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president on MSNBC, Sen. Elizabeth Warren offered a scathing speech about Donald Trump during an address to the American Constitution Society convention. Her speech was full of hard facts and fiery rhetoric about both Trump and the Republican party at large. Throughout her speech, Warren spit the truth about Trump and his campaign again and again.

Warren and Vice President Joe Biden spoke before the ACS, a progressive legal organization, in what the Washington Post calls "a coordinated Democratic attack" on Trump. Warren's speech focused primarily on Trump's recent attacks against Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge presiding over the controversial Trump University case. In both their speeches, Biden and Warren alleged that Trump is racist, citing his nonstop negative comments about Judge Curiel for his Mexican heritage.

While Biden was more demure in his speech, questioning whether the founding fathers would approve of Trump's racial remarks, Warren was much more blunt and heated, bringing the crowd to laughter and applause with rousing statements about Trump, the Republican party, the ideals of law, and the future of America.

Though Warren's entire speech is noteworthy (seriously, it's fire), below are the top nine times she was spot-freakin'-on about Trump and his views on race and the law.

When She Challenged Trump's Alleged Exemption From The Rule Of Law

In America, we have the rule of law. And that means no matter how rich you are, no matter how loud you are, no matter how famous you are, if you break the law, you can be held accountable — even if your name is Donald Trump.

Warren started off her speech by totally destroying The Donald's alleged belief that his money and power exempt him from legal accountability in the Trump University case and beyond.

When She Joked About Trump's Easily Hurt Feelings

Understand this: Trump is criticizing Curiel for following the law instead of bending it to suit the financial interests of one wealthy and oh-so-fragile defendant.

Drawing laughter from the crowd, Warren joked about Trump's remarks in which he called Curiel "a very hostile judge," saying the judge keeps bringing down "negative" rulings. I'm unsure what exactly a "positive" ruling would look like, but that's Trump for you.

When She Called Out The Nonsense Of Trump's "Conflict Of Interest" Theory

He’s even condemned federal judges who are Muslims on the disgusting theory that Trump’s own bigotry compromises the judges’ neutrality. You can’t just can’t make this stuff up.

After referencing a quote where Trump said his plans to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border present "an inherent conflict of interest" for Judge Curiel because of Curiel's Mexican heritage, Warren told it like it is — Trump is trying to use his own prejudices to undermine and attack the neutrality of judges. Wrong again, Trump.

When She Didn't Mince Words About Exactly What Trump Is

Donald Trump says they all look into Judge Curiel because what Judge Curiel is doing is a “total disgrace.” No, Donald, what you are doing is a total disgrace! Race-baiting a judge who spent years defending America from the terror of murderers and drug traffickers simply because long-ago his family came to America from somewhere else? You, Donald Trump, are a total disgrace.

Trump said Curiel "is a disgrace" for the way he's handled the case. Warren didn't shy away from her view on the topic — that Trump is the one who's disgraceful for using Curiel's race to try to smear him.

When She Gave Trump A Taste Of His Own Medicine — And Then Some

Donald Trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself. And that is just one of the many reasons he will never be president of the United States.

The quote on everyone's lips, this statement truly made the night as Warren insulted Trump for lashing out against those that anger him — a clear example of someone who shouldn't be president.

When She Tied Trump's "Above-The-Law" Beliefs Into A Larger Republican Platform

And where do you suppose that Donald Trump got the idea that he can personally attack judges regardless of the law whenever they don’t bend to the whims of billionaires and big businesses? Trump isn’t a different kind of candidate, he’s a Mitch McConnell kind of candidate. He is exactly the kind of candidate you’d expect from a Republican party whose "script" for several years has been to execute a full-scale assault on the integrity of our courts.

Not one to be brought down to Trump's level of individualized attacks, Warren indicted the entire Republican party for working for the rich and powerful, bringing a much-needed reality check to the myth that Republicans hate Trump.

When She Pointed Out The Hard Truth About Trump's Relationship To The Republican Establishment

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want Donald Trump to appoint the next generation of judges. They want those judges to tilt the law in favor of big businesses and billionaires like Trump. They just want Donald Trump to quit being quite so vulgar and obvious about it.

After calling out Speaker Ryan and Sen. McConnell for their support of Republican wealth-pandering, she went on to give the real reason why they've publicly condemned Trump: because he's being too loud and honest about the party's true beliefs.

When She Simply Stated How And Why Trump Does What He Does

Donald Trump chose racism as his weapon. But his aim is exactly the same as the rest of the Republicans — pound the courts into submission for the rich and the powerful.

Continuing in her full-fledged flagellation of the Republicans for their role in Trump's rise and their use of him, Warren put quite simply how Trump has used racism to further the aims of the Republican party.

When She Turned It Around And Inspired Everyone's Patriotism

We are not a nation that disqualifies lawyers and judges from public service because of race or religion or gender or because they haven’t spent their entire careers representing the rich and the powerful.

Rather than keeping on the offensive, Warren struck an inspirational note against Trump's racism, sharing her belief of an ideal America.

When She Let "Wannabe Tyrant" Trump Know We Won't Take It

We will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned wannabe tyrant or his allies in the Senate to destroy the rule of law in the United States of America. We will not! We will not!

Whichever way you cut it, Warren made some serious claims about Trump. Here's hoping that as she rallies behind Clinton for president, her remarks will successfully prevent a Trump presidency.