All Your Awkward Sex Thoughts, Revealed — VIDEO

You know the saying that sex is like pizza, and even when it's bad, it's pretty good? I call BS — like the food poisoning you can get from bad pizza, the bangover you can get from bad sex is neither physically nor psychologically enjoyable; and if you need evidence, BuzzFeedYellow's awkward sex video might do the trick to prove all the ways sex can be super unsexy.

To really cover their bases, the video is broken down into sections of awfulness. First, there's "Sights/Sounds/Smells." This trifecta reminds me of the time I had sex with a guy who played jazz flute and kept farting. Yes, that seriously happened. Next, there's "Discomfort." Like the discomfort I felt during a threesome when I really just wanted to get with the girl but her boyfriend decided it was his time to shine. Or the discomfort all of us feel when we end up with someone obsessed with acrobatic positions that are incredibly unwise for the non-gymnast to try.

Then there's "Boredom," which is the biggest sex killer of them all. I had a friend who told me she used to smoke cigarettes during sex because she was just THAT UNIMPRESSED with her boyfriend's skills. Rough.

Check out this SFW video for more hilariously awkward reasons sex can be bad:

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Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube