Ryan Gosling Has Now Reached Maximum Attractiveness

Ryan Gosling — peacekeeper, feminist, and boyfriend of your dreams — has now given you yet another reason to obsess over him. In today's The Globe and Mail (a Canadian paper), Gosling wrote an article denouncing the factory farm processes used on pigs. Not only did he mention his canine best friend George in the article, but he also supported Canada’s National Farm Animal Care Council code of practice for the pork industry (while also criticizing a loophole in the code).

This is just too much. I thought we had reached the peak of our culture's Ryan Gosling obsession with Feminist Ryan Gosling, but with this newest development, it's become clear that the Gosling's attractiveness might just be infinite. Soon, Gosling's intelligence, compassion, and sheer hotness will grow so much that they will consume popular culture as we know it. So get ready for more headlines like these:

  • Ryan Gosling Gives Foot Massages to All The Waitresses in a Chili's
  • Ryan Gosling Knows All The Answers in Your Philosophy Class, But Not In An Annoying Way
  • Everything Ryan Gosling Touches Turns to Chocolate
  • Ryan Gosling is Behind the "Feminist Ryan Gosling" Tumblr, Says All Quotes Are Accurate
  • Ryan Gosling Likes All Your Favorite Bands
  • Ryan Gosling Throws a Pizza Party for Kittens
  • "What Book Are You Reading?" Asks Ryan Gosling

So, are we at the peak saturation point of Ryan Gosling in our culture? Only time will tell. Time, and the amount of drowning puppies saved by Ryan Gosling.