'Biggest Loser' Winner Rachel Frederickson Says She Appreciates Your Concern — VIDEO

When The Biggest Loser's Rachel Frederickson took the stage for her final reveal at the Loser finale in early February, the television screen reflected a slightly concerning image of the winner after her significant, unsupervised weight loss. Frederickson had lost 60 percent of her body weight. While the Internet was quick to respond to the winner with a laundry list of concerns for her underweight BMI, Frederickson held her ground and continues to almost a month later. Frederickson was on The Today Show Wednesday morning and in an interview with Savannah Guthrie, she assured viewers that her weight loss was, in fact, a healthy process.

"It was absolutely healthy weight loss. I dieted, exercised, and did it healthy the whole way. I appreciate the concern and I can see where it comes from," Frederickson said.

However, she does seem to recognize that while healthy, her weight loss was the result of an extreme seven month process dedicated solely to the process and acknowledges that it will be just as much of a feat to maintain her weight as it was to lose it now that regular life has resumed. She explained to Guthrie that she is committed to keeping the weight off, despite the roadblocks provided by everyday, normal life.

"I am in the maintenance mode which is just as hard as losing the weight...adding in family and socializing and work and getting it all accomplished—it's a big balance," Frederickson said.

Overall, weight loss of any magnitude is an incredible achievement and we wish Frederickson the best of luck in preserving her good health, confidence, and happy disposition. She says she is the healthiest and most alive she has ever felt, and most will agree that there's hardly anything more important in life than that.

Now that she's off the ranch for good, it's time we leave the controversy there, as well.

Image: NBC