Is Daveed Diggs Single? 'Hamilton's Thomas Jeffereson Has A First Lady

I never thought I would be attracted to Thomas Jefferson until Daveed Diggs played the founding father in Hamilton. Never say never! The man who performs the fastest rap in Broadway history is a rapper, musician, writer, and Grammy winner, on top of his iconic performances as Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette in Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton. But is Daveed Diggs single? Unfortunately, no one has a chance with him, because he's wildly in love with his girlfriend Jalene Goodwin, an actor and singer herself. Us mere mortals never stood a chance.

The 34-year-old Hamilton star and Tony Award-nominee lives in Washington Heights with his girlfriend, where they moved after living in Oakland, California when he got cast in that silly little musical called Hamilton, as Diggs told the New York Times in a recent profile ahead of the Tonys. Goodwin is an actor and a singer herself, and she was featured in one of Diggs' songs, "Bullsh*t" from his experimental hip-hop trio, Clipping. She was featured on the track in 2013 from the group's mixtape Midcity, according to Spin.

If you follow Diggs on Instagram, you know how adorable he and Goodwin are. She is from Trinidad, and recently the couple traveled there for Carnival. And they look like an extremely fun couple (not to mention, they are both extremely good-looking).

Who knew Thomas Jefferson was so dang ripped?

Diggs and Goodwin are pretty low-key, almost normal even, aside from the fact that he's in one of the biggest musicals of all time. In Diggs' New York Times profile, the actor said that recently he and Goodwin have been trying out tons of different brunch places in the city. They also shared a moment of mourning for the purple one: Diggs and Goodwin went to see Prince's Purple Rain with his brother and mom. They also have a dog named Soccer, which is almost too adorable.

Goodwin has been with Diggs throughout this entire wild Hamilton roller-coaster ride. She posted a photo from the premiere on her Instagram last fall with the caption, "Celebrated my love last night at his first Broadway musical opening!" It definitely won't be Diggs' last Broadway opening, that's for certain.

Diggs and Goodwin are clearly madly in love. Sorry to dash all hopes, but Thomas Jefferson is firmly off the market.