Daisy Ridley Has A Secretly Amazing Singing Voice

by Amy Roberts

As is already evident from the fact that she's an indisputable Galactic goddess, enviable actress, and breathtakingly cool, Daisy Ridley has managed to drop our jaws once again by displaying yet another reason for us to adore her. In promoting her upcoming album, Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway, Barbara Streisand has shared behind the scenes footage of a musical collaboration between herself, a very pregnant Anne Hathaway, and Ridley as they record an unbelievable rendition of A Chorus Line's "At The Ballet." Not only does the trio sound heavenly together but more notable is the fact that Ridley's singing voice is surprisingly good, something which Streisand herself didn't seem to be expecting.

In fact, the singer revealed that she had to ask the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress whether she could even sing. Streisand recalls the conversation in the video:

She said 'Yeah I can sing ... I didn't know if that was supposed to be like me in 'Funny Girl' when he goes 'Can you skate?' and I go, 'Of course I can skate,' and the next minute she's falling all over the place because, of course she can't skate ... She wasn't kidding, she can sing.

In talking about the experience, Ridley is full of her usual modesty, explaining that not only was it her first ever time recording but that recording with two Oscar winners who both won the award for musical performances was "slightly daunting."

What's interesting about the three performers working together is that it doesn't feel like too long ago that Hathaway's own singing talents were called into question when she won the lead role of Fantine in 2012's Les Miserables; but, like Ridley, she managed to blow everyone away and revealed that as well as being a terrific actress that she was also harboring a secret singing talent. In fact, Hollywood has been full of notable actors who have managed to surprise everyone with their singing skills.

1. Ryan Gosling

Nobody was happier than me to discover that everyone's imaginary boyfriend Gosling had a horror inspired folk-rock band called Dead Man's Bones (and that they're pretty great). Though his voice will likely never hit the heights of Broadway, it was charming enough to woo Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine (and me IRL).

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gordon-Levitt has sang with everyone from Lady Gaga to even Anne Hathaway and has a voice which can seemingly be adapted to just about any genre he sets his heart to. Even barbershop quartet renditions of explicit Rihanna songs.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Though the husky tones of Johansson might not ever meet Streisand's approval, her 2009 album of Tom Waits covers proved that she could still belt out a tune in an inimitable style.

4. Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

Did anyone ever expect Moulin Rouge to provide us with such (swoonworthy) substantial evidence as to the musical talents of McGregor and Kidman? Not only did they manage to silence skeptical critics but they also kind of managed to help create an iconic movie musical in the process.

5. Amy Adams

It definitely isn't fair that anyone can be such a talented actress as well as being such a talented singer too, but Adams pretty much outbats everyone on the field, with memorable musical appearances in films like The Muppets and Enchanted.

6. Anna Kendrick

I still can't watch the music video for "Cups" without gawping at Kendrick in absolute, unbridled awe.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

As well as there once being talks of Paltrow releasing a country music album, Paltrow has also enjoyed some pretty high-five worthy screen time on Glee and even cameo'd on Coldplay's A Head Full Of Dreams.

8. Zooey Deschanel

We see her singing on New Girl pretty much every week, and she's also one half of the band She & Him, so it feels pretty normal to imagine Deschanel as a singer / actress but that wasn't always a case. There was once a time when she was recognized as being simply an actress, and there was still not a single ukulele in sight. But when she finally revealed her hidden talents? Whoa.

9. Robert Downey Jr

May we never forget that episode of Ally McBeal where RDJ made us all cry with his lyrical, musical wooing of that zany lawyer lady.

10. Kevin Spacey

The unnervingly talented Spacey committed an outstanding Bobby Darin impression to the film Beyond The Sea, and his voice is like hot butter on a cold knife.

11. Seth Macfarlane

Surely nobody expected the creator of Family Guy to have a voice made for any kind of musical aptitude but he does; in fact, he's even released three full length albums of music which are definitely not a joke.

There are, of course, countless of other surprise musical talents out there in Hollywood, so really, it's not too surprising when an actress like Ridley comes forward and blows our little socks off with a voice that we never knew she even had. I suppose the next question has to be: When are we going to get a Star Wars song from the actress? A girl can dream...