Reports Of Shooting At Dallas Love Field Airport

According to the news agency Reuters, there have been reports of multiple shots fired at Love Field airport in Dallas,Texas on Friday. While early reports are always subject to caution in circumstances like these ― information is never more hotly sought-out and chaotic than in the immediate aftermath of a frightening breaking news incident like this ― Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed tweeted on Friday afternoon that Dallas city officials have confirmed it was an officer involved shooting.

According to a tweet from the Dallas Police Association, the officer involved in the shooting is "ok," while the condition of the suspect is "unknown at this time."

The moment of the shooting was actually captured by a bystander, and has been uploaded to Instagram. Be warned, it is a video of gunshots ringing out at an airport, along with some general panic, and it appears as though the person struck by the shots is visible in the frame. Considering that you might find it disturbing, use your best judgment on whether or not to watch it ― full credit goes to Bryan Armstrong (or @flashyfilms_ on Instagram). Armstrong reportedly told CNN that he saw the man who was ultimately shot walking towards the officer "with a large rock."

The incident took place right outside the airport's baggage claim, and the Dallas Police Department has stated that it began as a "domestic dispute." In the video, the gunfire rings out followed by a voice yelling "get down!" More shots follow, after which the voice starts yelling "stay down," amid shocked reactions from bystanders outside the terminal.

In a press conference on Friday afternoon, Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Randall Blankenbaker discussed the incident, stating that a "black male suspect" was involved in what he believed to be a "domestic disturbance" between a woman and "her children's father" outside the baggage claim. Blankenbaker said the man was using rocks to smash the woman's car windows.

During the disturbance, one of our officers assigned here to the airport, was alerted to the disturbance, came to the aid of the lady, and he was rushed by the gentleman with the rocks. At this time, the report is that he was able to separate himself from that individual, gain some distance, try to gain some time, but the individual came toward him again, and so he discharged his weapon a number of times, that gentleman was struck, and had to be transported to a local hospital. It's too early at this time to tell you what his condition is, when he left I believe that he was conscious. We also have not had the opportunity to identify him yet, only know that he is an African-American male.

Blankenbaker also stated that the shots caused some people inside the building to flee through security without being checked, and therefore no flights could depart until everyone had been re-checked.