Who's Been Injured At The Shooting In Dallas

On Friday, there was a shooting outside the Dallas Love Field airport, and one person has reportedly been hospitalized. According to the Dallas Morning-News, it was an officer-involved shooting; the Dallas Police Association tweeted that the officer is "ok," but the "condition of the suspect [is] unknown at this time." The Transportation Security Administration told Chopper 5 that the airport is "secure."

A video of the incident, which occurred around 12:40 p.m. local time, has surfaced [Warning — graphic content]. However, it is shaky, and what precisely happens is a bit unclear. In the footage, a police officer at the curbside drop-off outside the airport tells an unseen person to "get down, man." Shortly thereafter, multiple gunshots are heard. Moments later, multiple officers are seen pointing their guns at a largely-unseen suspect, telling them to "get down." After that, many more shots are fired.

Randall Blankenbaker of the Dallas Police Department said in a press conference that the incident started as a domestic dispute, with the suspect throwing rocks at a car in which a woman, reportedly the mother of suspect's child, was sitting. Blankenbaker stressed that there hasn't been a full investigation into the incident and that many of the details aren't yet known, but he confirmed the suspect — described only as an African-American male — shouted a "warning" and lunged at law enforcement at some point during the incident.

Bryan Armstrong, the witness who filmed the video, told CNN that the suspect appeared to be approaching an officer with a large rock in hand, and that the officer told him to "drop the rock and stop walking."

Only one officer fired shots, Blankenbaker said, and the police department says that it did not have the opportunity to identify the suspect. However, Blankenbaker says he "believe[s]" the suspect was still conscious when taken to the hospital. The woman who was in the car is reported to be unharmed.

According to the DPD, many bystanders were startled by the incident, and as a result, some of them rushed through the security line without being checked. Because of this, airport officials had to "pull everybody out" and and re-screen them for security purposes; according to Dallas Morning-News reporter Claire Ballor, this caused security lines to stretch into the baggage claim area. However, the airport has not been shut down, Blankenbaker told reporters. Dallas' director of aviation, Mark Duebner, said that officials are hoping to have the airport "operational" by 2 p.m. local time.