'Looking's Coming Back For Season 2

Looking's first season hasn't been hitting the HBO ratings jackpot or anything, but it's been holding its own enough that HBO's renewed Looking for Season 2. This is pretty much great news, because you can essentially guarantee that this show's gonna get better with age.

Critics and fans alike have noted that Looking got off to a bit of a slow start — but by the time the series hit its fifth episode, "Looking For the Future," everything started to gel. As The AV Club's Brandon Nowalk wrote in his great review of the episode:

The episode is so vivid and evocative that I’ll even lay down arms just this once for The Goonies and admit that Patrick’s Sloth impression is dead-on and hilarious. It’s even better in light of Richie’s joke. “That’s the face you made this morning.” This episode reminds me of the first time I made out with a guy in the back of my car on some Texas night and the trip my straight friends and I took home from college on a school night to cast our pointless votes against banning same-sex marriage. By indulging in the rituals of gay dating, the episode is a rare celebration for pop culture: It makes me happy to be gay. This is going to sound like overstatement, and I don’t care: The world is a better place because of “Looking For The Future.”

After the pilot, a friend described the show to me as less of a modern Queer As Folk and more of a gay Girls. I tend to agree with that assessment and it's why I think the show works. This isn't an extended Glee bullying storyline, it's the everyday romantic lives of a group of people who happen to be gay and for the most part, have already learned to accept themselves.

Given what I've seen with this latter half of the season, I think it's safe to say that you're going to be hearing a lot more about Looking as people start catching up to it.

Image: HBO