Katy Perry's Skeleton Jumpsuit Will Have You Dreaming Of Halloween Already — PHOTOS

When it comes to Moschino, you never know what will walk down the runway next next. So what do you wear to sit front row for a show all about neon, oversized blow-up flowers and '60s-inspired models? Allow this master dresser to school you. Katy Perry wore a sequined skeleton suit to Moschino's 2017 Resort Show, and she fit in perfectly.

Although Perry's suit is pretty awesome, I don't know where else she could possibly wear the all-black, sparkly skeleton outfit than a Moschino show. It just happened to be the same exact suit that Jeremy Scott wore to this year's Met Gala. Coincidence? I think not.

At first glance you'd think it's just a bedazzled version of a normal suit. That is, until you stop and take in the outfit head to toe and realize that the sparkling details actually create the outline of skeleton bones. She sat beside Caitlyn Jenner for the duration of the show, who wore a dress printed with lips that had cigarettes hanging out of them. So, basically, the skeleton suit fit right in.

Perry kept it fairly simple for the night, compared to the other Moschino outfits she's worn in the past, but still looked pretty darn good. She completely the look with smudged, black eyeliner, a hooped nose ring, and natural-looking wavy hair that gave the whole look a very grunge, '90s feel.

I told you it was good! Perry always commits to her outfits and this time was no different.

I'll definitely remember this outfit come next Halloween.

You don't need any accessories when you have this kind of shine!

This isn't even her best Moschino outfit to date. The girl is constantly rocking the designer's playful clothing at all different types of events. From over the top nails to colorful pieces, there's no telling what she'll wear next. Here are some of her most memorable Moschino looks yet.

1. Moschino Head To Toe

No need to wonder who the star was wearing, because it was plastered forwards and backwards all over her outfit.

2. Fire Dress

Perry was on fire — literally — when she took the stage wearing this Moschino flame dress.

3. Designer Nails

The singer even rocked the designer name on her nails for the 2015 Met Gala.

She was in Moschino all the way down to the spray can purse.

4. Beach Ball Babe

Remember her beach ball dress? Well, that one was Moschino as well.

5. Bubble Coat

Then there was the time she posed for the company's ad campaign dressed in a bubble coat and brightly colored pants.

6. Pleather Skirt Suit

She walked arm and arm with the Scott at the 2016 AMC Awards in an ultra country singer-style look.

7. Runway Ready

To top it all off, Perry actually walked in a Moschino show.

Now that's designer dedication!