Where To Buy Flash Tattoos Sunnies For The Ultimate Cool Look This Summer — PHOTOS

A company known for selling temporary tattoos that'll take your music festival game to the next level has now come out with the perfect way for you to express yourself on a daily basis. It involves temporary tats, but we’re not talking ones that are made for your skin. Find out where to buy the new sunnies by Flash Tattoos so that you can wear your feelings on your mirrored sunglasses. Because that’s just the trendy thing to do isn’t it?

Round, mirrored sunglasses are the things to wear this season and the fact that they’re customizable makes them even cooler. You can shop four different sunglass shades, each that come with their own set of tattoo sayings at flashtat.com. Whether you’re more of a "dreamer," a "slacker," or more, there’s something to fit your style. And if you can be a bit of a combination of these (because who isn’t?) you may want to go ahead a snatch up a couple of different pairs of these to suit your summer vibes.

With phrases like “But First, Coffee,” “Almost Famous,” and “Rosé All Day” it’s almost as if these sunglasses were created just for you, isn’t it? I, for one, feel like they know me so well. Each pair retails for $48 and comes with a set of four tattoo phrases that you can interchange whenever you feel like it.

It's feeling a little more like summertime already, don't you think?

1. Dreamer Sunnies

Dreamer Sunnies, $48, Flash Tattoos

These orange-colored lenses will go perfectly with all of your flower child festival vibes.

2. Lush Sunnies

Lush Sunnies, $48, Flash Tattoos

Pink sunglasses will match your champagne, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

3. Mermaid Sunnies

Mermaid Sunnies, $48, Flash Tattoos

For all of those days spent near the water, be sure to have these blue mirrored sunnies in tow. Because mermaid lifestyle, you know?

4. Slacker Sunnies

Slacker Sunnies, $48, Flash Tattoos

When you're feeling, you know, too cool to be bothered, these will be your go-to.

Go on and put your summertime mood on display. And if you go through your tats quickly, don't sweat it. You'll be able to scoop up refill sayings for $7 on the website soon. Here's to the coolest summer ever!

Images: Courtesy Flash Tattoos (5)