Patrick Starrr Sends A Tribute To Orlando

While we are still waiting for more information regarding the motives of the attack, beloved YouTube beauty vlogger, MUA, and proponent of the mantra "makeup is a one size fits all" Patrick Starrr sent a tribute to the Orlando shooting victims and the PULSE nightclub via Instagram, and it was both personal and profound. The shooting, which took place early Sunday morning, June 12, and has been confirmed as the deadliest mass shooting in United States history, has yielded celebrities and political figures alike taking to social media to share their condolences and write tributes for the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families. Starrr's post, however, feels particularly poignant.

In the post of note, Starrr spoke about how PULSE Orlando, the gay nightclub where the shooting took place, has long been known as a safe haven for self expression. His caption reads, “This was the ONLY place I felt I could wear makeup in public. It was the first gay club I ever went to. Pulse Orlando has such a close place in my heart. I have been here probably 200 times and I can't believe my eyes and ears. I am so heartbroken with the news 49 dead and 53 injured. Please just pray for everyone. Hug someone today and everyday. Always tell your loved ones 'I LOVE YOU' #PrayForOrlando.”

While it is equally chilling and devastating to hear that a place known for its love and acceptance has been the target of a violent attack, Starrr's words of solidarity are inspiring.

Some might argue that posting on social media after an attack is ineffective, but as a gay, makeup-wearing man, an ally to all LGBTQIA+ individuals, and someone who has been to the PULSE nightclub "probably 200 times," Starrr's message to the victims, their families, and everyone watching these events unfold is enlightening to say the least.

During such a dark time for Orlando, for the United States, and for the world, having someone like Starrr use their platform to speak out about the tragedy as well as inspire the rest of us to spread love at this most tragic time can't hurt. In fact, all it could ever do is help.