Huge News, 'Cursed Child' Fans

Author J.K. Rowling may be done with writing Harry Potter novels, but she's not done with the characters just yet. The eighth installment of the series comes in the form of a play called Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, which recently premiered in London. Sadly, most Potter fans won't get to see that iteration of the play, as tickets sold out fast. But don't start crying, because over the weekend, Rowling hinted that a Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tour could happen some day — which should satisfy fans of the boy wizard near and far.

Rowling wrote the tweet announcing a possible tour in response to a fan who lamented that "most of all fans, dare I say 90%, won't be able to see the play" in UK. Rowling tweeted: "If demand is there — remember, it's still at preview stage! — it will run for a long time AND tour - you'll see it!" The possibility excited many fans hoping to see the play, which has a high demand for tickets in London. The Daily Mail has reported that the play at London's Palace Theatre has been sold out for months and the current mark-up for resale tickets is more than £2,000 (right now, that'll be $3245.70 in the U.S., according to Travelex's currency converter).

So this potential tour is hugely good news for Harry Potter fans who want to see the play, which follows the offspring of beloved characters like Harry and Ginny off to their years at Hogwarts, their parents' wizarding alma mater. Once at Hogwarts, Albus Potter, Rose Granger-Weasley, and Scorpius Malfoy (yup, Draco's son) get into all kinds of adventures, just like their parents did when they were at the wizard school.

Fear not, Potter fans — you may not have to travel as far as you thought in order to get your next dose of the Hogwarts gang.