The 2016 Tonys' Tribute To Orlando Victims Started The Show In A Touching Way — VIDEO

As the world mourns for the victims of this weekend's mass shooting in Orlando, Sunday's Tony Awards were able to step in and offer some much-needed support and love to those affected and the LGBT community. Anyone involved in theater should understand the power and importance of a safe space. That's why it was so fitting that at the very beginning of the ceremony, the Tony Awards paid tribute to the Orlando shooting victims with a statement from host James Corden. Attendees were also handed silver ribbons designed by Tony winner William Ivey Long to wear and show their support for those affected by the tragic events.

Corden's opening number was all about kids watching at home and dreaming about being a part of the theater community. It was especially poignant in light of this weekend's events.

It was a perfect, respectful way to open the Tony Awards.