What Happens If Cersei Is Found Guilty On 'Game Of Thrones'? This Former Queen Could Pay The Ultimate Price

You'd think that atoning for your sins via the Walk of Shame would be enough to get the High Sparrow off your back for good, and yet he seems more adamant than ever to get in Cersei's face in some form or another. This week, it involved sending her cousin Lancel to the Red Keep, ordering her to pay him a visit. She refused and proclaimed (as she should) that she will remain in the Red Keep until her trial by combat. And since Zombie Mountain made a compelling argument (aka ripping some dude's head off with his bare hands), she's safe for now. But what if the Mountain doesn't win in the combat for her freedom? What happens if Cersei is found guilty on Game of Thrones ?

Normally, when it comes to this sort of trial, if the person who battles on your behalf fails, then you die shortly there afterwards. However, the Lannisters always seem to have a way of being the exception to this rule. Take Tyrion's trial by combat, for instance. He had Oberyn Martell fight Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) on his behalf and we all know how that ended. (R.I.P. Oberyn forever and ever.) But Jaime ended up setting Tyrion free before any harm could come to him, so odds are a similar thing would happen to Cersei if it came to that point.

That being said, the odds are certainly less in Cersei's favor now that Tommen has banned the trial by combat option throughout the whole of Westeros, leaving Cersei in a fairly more dire situation. With The Mountain on her side, victory was sure to be hers. But now that he can no longer take part in the outcome (does this mean The Cleganbowl is off the table too?), this Lannister is going to have to work extra hard to avoid grim outcome. But if anyone has the brains and cunning to do it, it's Cersei.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO