Does Jon Snow Want To Die On 'Game Of Thrones'? His Martyr Attitude Could Be Cause For Concern

You'd think someone who'd recently just died and gotten resurrected would have a great appreciation for the wonder of life, however, it looks as though our former Bastard of the Night's Watch is ready to hand in his death notice again if the battle against Ramsay (which looks epic, by the way) goes south. So does Jon Snow want to die on Game of Thrones ? His behavior is definitely cause for concern. In next Sunday's Episode 9 promo, we see Jon instruct Melisandre to not bring him back if he dies again. But why wouldn't he want to come back? He doesn't seem to have acquired any substantial side effects from the whole complicated process, so what would the harm be in doing it again? Maybe our boy isn't doing as well as we think.

Granted, Jon Snow has always been a bit of a martyr, willing to die for the right cause, and battle to retake his childhood home from a villainous jerk like Ramsay definitely falls under the category. But his broody demeanor makes me feel like there's more to it than that. Maybe he has constant nightmares we don't know about. Perhaps he actually did see things in the afterlife that he yearns to get back to. Either way, it definitely seems like the prospect of dying doesn't scare Jon in any way. In fact, it almost seems like he'd welcome it and that's a very disturbing thought. We only just got him back. I'm not ready to lose him yet again.

But let's not get too upset about it just yet. Promos are rarely ever as straightforward as they seem, so it might not be as dismal as all that. Though just to be safe, let's keep an extra eye on Jon next week. Episode 9 always tends to be a game-changing hour of television (Red Wedding anyone?), and judging by the promo this one is going to be no different. This battle will be epic. Let's just hope Jon is able to make it out of this thing alive.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO