The 2016 Tonys Mock Donald Trump With 'The Book Of Moron' Before Turning To Hillary Clinton — VIDEO

Don't let anyone tell you that Broadway is outdated, because the 2016 Tony Awards not only had many emotional dedications to the victims of violence in Orlando, but also plenty of political commentary about the upcoming presidential election. There were jabs at Trump University from Nathan Lane, jokes from host James Corden, and in one of the night's best bits, the Tonys spoofed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with help from Andrew Rannells and Glenn Close, who performed scenes from made-up musical adaptations poking fun at the candidates' most outsized, Broadway-ready qualities.

First up, Rannells walked out with a puffy wig and a poor-fitting shirt and tie in order to turn his role in The Book of Mormon into The Book of Moron. "Hello, my name is Donald Trump, and I would like to build a wall that goes straight through your house," he said. But the funniest moment was absolutely seeing Rannells do his version of Trump's pursed-lipped shrug. Then, Close came out dressed in Hillary's trademark pantsuit and hairstyle for A Clinton Line, not changing the lyrics from A Chorus Line's "I Hope I Get It" whatsoever, simply belting as Clinton: "I really need this job, oh God I need this job, I've got to get this job!"

Though the Tony Awards mocked both sides, I certainly know which musical I'd rather see.