The Apple Emoji Updates Are Bigger & Better

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple's biggest software conference, is here, and they're making some big announcements throughout Monday. Many rumored updates have floated around the web over the last week, including Siri for your apps and Mac computers. But Apple also just unleashed a really important update for all iMessage enthusiasts: Emojis are now bigger and better than ever.

No, really. According to Mic's tech editor, Alexis Kleinman, the new emojis are three times bigger than before, and iMessage will have a feature which predicts what emoji you want to use ahead of time, as well as allow you to turn your words into emojis. Often, emojis let us put words into small images in an effort to add meaning and emphasis to our text exchanges. Now, we can literally put our words in emojis. According to The Verge, Apple has identified "emojifiable" words which you can hold down and turn into emojis. And I'm definitely curious to see how my own iMessage will predict what emojis I should be sending along with my texts.

The iMessage app has other exciting new updates coming our way. One will be "invisible ink," which allows you to send messages that don't immediately show up. You'll also now be able to send handwritten messages. And you can apparently send fireworks to your friends, too.

Some of the company's other big reveals included updates to the actual phone app, which will now transcribe voicemail messages so you don't even have to listen to them, and will mark certain potential spam callers as such. There are also big changes to your Apple Maps, Apple Music, Apple News, and Apple Home. Stay tuned for more info on all the big software updates rolling out today. You can keep up with the WWDC event from your smartphone or computer.