This Is an Exceptional "Drunk In Love" Parody

It is said that parody is a sort of artform. Beyonce is definitely a sort of artform. Put them together? You've got yourself something guaranteed to be at least mildly entertaining unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong. As far as I can tell nothing went terribly wrong in this Beyonce "Drunk In Love" parody by these guys from San Franciso — and in fact it's rather charming, even though we're kind of bitter because they really made us crave a donut.

The parody, called "Dunkin' Love," follows, as you can probably gather, two dudes (one in Beyonce drag) as they seriously crave some Dunkin' Donuts. They also bemoan the lack of a San Franciso Dunkin' Donuts branch, which as a West Coaster I also feel. Basically I'm just feeling this entire thing, because it has some of my favorite things: Donuts, Beyonce, and...well, mainly those two, but I guess we can add adorable men rapping about Beyonce and donuts to the list.

Sample lyrics:

I been cravin'I been cravin'Why can't I have you on the West Coast baby I want you na naWhy can't I have you on the West Coast baby I want you na naCoffee on iceCoffee on iceFeel like an addict when I smell it on that grillDonut bitesDonut bites

Same. You can watch below.