Ilana Glazer Put A Man Posing As A 'Broad City' Writer In His Place & Her Rant Is Epic — LISTEN

If there is one piece of advice I can give, it's this: Don't mess with Ilana Glazer. Our Broad City fave got extra spicy recently when recounting a story about a man posing as a writer for the show. While Glazer's persona on and off the small screen could be comfortably described as outspoken, honest and humorous, she got pretty raw when she opened up during her comedy set. In a refreshingly real moment, Glazer recounts the time when a friend alerted her to the fact that there was a living, breathing, human man going around claiming he was a writer for the Comedy Central hit show and, worse still, he was posting "proof" to back up his claim on social media. What exactly is the "proof" this fella was using to woo his date? A photo taken with Glazer and performing partner Abbi Jacobsen at a Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show they duo performed in a few years back which the guy posted recently and captioned it to appear as if the photo had been taken at work.

Glazer's vehemence that the man in question is in the wrong is not only amusing but incredibly justified. While the guy should have done a little research before making this bold claim (the Broad City writing teams consists of four people, all of them women), the notion that he could seal the deal with his date by disclosing this tidbit highlights the effect a sense of entitlement can have on those immediately affected by it. When it comes men who choose to employ creepy or suspicious wooing behavior, women can confirm that spreading that information like wildfire if only to prevent a fellow female from falling victim to the guy in question is good practice. Read: we know when you're being weird, guys. We have a sixth sense for that. Moreover, Glazer's ire that some man would have the gumption to fabricate a lie so easily deniable highlights reiterates why women should rightfully get annoyed when men try to latch onto their notoriety or success.

While listening to Glazer recount the madness is still very amusing, don't simply write this off as another woman getting annoyed over nothing. We'll never know if Glazer actually contacted the man to personally tell him off but boy, does she really hit him hard online. It's a perfect reaction to yet another instance of men operating under the belief that women will swoon for some small reason. Listen below (but be warned, it's NSFW) to hear Glazer tell the story. I dare you to try and not picture her making hilarious faces of disbelief and annoyance while she recounts. It's just too perfect.