Chance The Rapper & Death Cab For Cutie? This Collaboration Would Certainly Possess Our Hearts

File this under: If this song actually happens, I will follow it into the dark. Over the weekend, Bonnaroo 2016 brought the jams, the good vibes, and the speculation regarding a possible Death Cab for Cutie/Chance the Rapper collaboration. Before Death Cab's set on Sunday, the artist behind "Summer Friends" hung out with the indie rock band backstage. And thanks to DCFC guitarist Dave Depper, there are photos and videos of this backstage hangout sesh on Instagram. Now, I know a backstage hangout sesh doesn't a duet make, but get this: As NME points out, when one fan tweeted about those photos and videos, Chance the Rapper might've confirmed he and Death Cab will one day join musical forces.

What did Chance say when asked if he and DCFC will collaborate, exactly? One adjective and two numbers: "Big 10-4."

Are we to read that as “affirmative”? Because I'm reading it as "affirmative." And I hope that interpretation is correct. Because I really, really want to hear a Chance Cab for Cutie song.

Wait a second. What if when he said "10-4" to a DCFC/Chance collab, he was, I don't know, actually referring to working together on a setlist? Like, what if he was just talking about the excellent change he made to Death Cab’s Bonnaroo setlist, not a song?

Sorry, “Little Wanderer.” You’re a perfectly lovely jam, but I am 100% with Chance on this one.

Man. If a DCFC plus Chance tune came to be, it would be a feelings bonanza. And I'd be here for it.

Can't stop, won't stop rooting for a Chance Cab For Cutie track.

Images: @davedepper/Instagram (2)