This May Be Why Kendall Jenner Cut Her Hair

by May Sofi

In case you missed it — Kendall Jenner cut her hair a couple of days ago, and people totally lost their minds. The supermodel debuted a lob style on Snapchat, full-on shocking fans with the super dramatic makeover. Jenner has been rocking her long layered 'do for as long as we have known her, so this blunt chop marks the first time she did something super drastic, and might I add permanent, with her hair. Given that this transformation was so sudden and extreme, I can't help but wonder — why did Jenner cut her hair? Because there has got to be a reason.

As it turns out, there are rumors the 20-year-old chopped her hair for the sake of fashion, which honestly makes perfect sense. According to US Weekly, Jenner may have gotten a lob for the cover of Vogue 's September issue, which I consider reason enough to opt for a bold new hairstyle. When Vogue tells you to jump, you ask "how high?" If the rumors are true (Vogue declined Bustle's request for comment) I can definitely understand why the model would undergo such a dramatic makeover.

I guess we'll have to wait until the September issue comes out to know for sure, but if this turns out to be just hearsay, perhaps the model simply wanted to experiment with a new look for summer? After all, everyone is going short for the season, and Jenner may have just wanted to hop onboard the lob bandwagon.

Twitter literally freaked out when she casually dropped this photo on Snapchat.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whatever the reason for her new lob, I'm so glad she did it, because it suits her so well.

Sneaky KJ gave us another small peek at her new lob on Monday.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Quite the departure from her signature long flowy hair, but definitely a welcome change.

If Jenner did, in fact, get a lob for a Vogue shoot, it wouldn't be the first time she went wild with her hair for editorial. Let's take a look at seven other times she changed-up her hair look for a shoot.

1. Pastel Pink

Who could forget this pale pink hair she rocked in Vogue 's November 2015 issue?

2. Hot Pink Bob

Pink is clearly a good color on her, and she sported it again for LOVE Magazine.

3. Long Blonde Hair

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The model showed us she looks just as good as a blonde when she rocked a platinum wig for Fendi.

4. Black Textured Bob

Jenner sported a short shaggy bob in Brazilian Vogue's January 2016 issue.

5. '70s Disco Curls

Obsessed with this cool style she donned on Allure 's March 2015 cover.

6. Jet Black Bangs

These messy bangs Kendall sported in Marc Jacobs SS15 campaign were super edgy and cool.