Shop Kendall Jenner's Quirky '90s Micro Glasses

It's no secret that the '90s are making a fashion comeback. Everything from chokers to patched jeans have made their way back into style, and now it looks like even the most unexpected accessories are becoming cool again. Kendall Jenner wore micro glasses to Tyler The Creator's fashion show. Yes, really. Jenner is trying to make tiny specs a thing in 2016.

First she made chokers an everyday staple. Next, she and her model friends brought sneakers for every occasion into vogue. Now she's bringing back micro glasses. I think it's safe to say that Jenner was born in the wrong era. Looking as '90s as possible from head to toe, the model sat front row at Tyler The Creator's fashion show with Kanye West. The two were a ray of sunshine in their brightly colored outfits, but Jenner's certainly got the most attention.

The 20-year-old opted for a tiny top and boyfriend-fitted yellow button jacket with matching culottes, but her micro glasses were the throwback of the moment. The two-sizes-too-small quirky shades that she "copped from a shoot," according to her website, sat on the end of her nose throughout the performance. I never thought this '90s trend would come back, but after seeing it on Jenner, I'm sort of glad that they did.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her exposed bralette and body chain made the whole look all the more stylish as well.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She looks like you could have plucked her right out of the '90s! Of course, the styling of her red lip and textured lob made it all feel modern.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're looking to score a pair of these micro glasses this summer, then you're in luck. Here are some options for you.

1. Cateye Shape

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Futuristic meets throwback with these all-metal cateyed sunnies.

2. Small & Bold

Nerd Gothic Lolita Sunglasses, $10,

These might be micro glasses, but they still have a certain boldness about them.

3. Bright Yellow

Women's Semi-Rimless Cateye Flash Sunglasses, $15,

Capture Jenner's entire outfit vibe in one trendy pair of shades.

4. Clear Framed

Vintage '90s Lucite Sunglasses, $14,

The clear frames makes this style easy to wear with anything.

5. Purple

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Or you could fully commit to the '90s with this slanted lensed style.

6. Alien-Eye Shaped

Vintage '90s Sunglasses, $18,

If these aren't a '90s flashback then I don't know what is.

7. Dark & Tiny

'90s Stussy Sunglasses, $18,

Place these at the end of your nose and you'll be sitting pretty.

The tinier the better, in this case!

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