7 Creative Ways to Incorporate "Something Blue" on Your Wedding Day

Let's face it: certain wedding day traditions need to hit the road. We will be more than content if we are never again forced to watch another awkward garter removal or stand in a receiving line. But other traditions are unique to each and every bride, and as such, should be cherished. According to a 19th century English rhyme, four tokens — something old, new, borrowed, and blue — bring luck to the bride on the big day. Family mementos and jewelry often cover the first three, but brides have significant wiggle room when it comes to their something blue. Sure, it's simple enough to don a sapphire or include blue irises in the bouquet, but we challenge you to get a little more creative with your lucky charm.

by Alexis Blair

The Shoes

Kick up your heels and celebrate with a pair of blue shoes. Either treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous cerulean heels or treat your feet to a low-key pair of navy Toms, whichever make you comfortable. Bonus: Where white bridal shoes may be relegated to storage, you’re guaranteed to wear your fun blue shoes time after time. Why not get some mileage out of your memories?


The Headpiece

Your wedding is basically the only day of your adult life on which you can wear a variety of items in your hair and get away with it. Whether you’re sporting a chic coif or loose curls, a headpiece can elevate your look while complimenting the main focal point, the dress. Keep it simple with a jeweled clip, channel the Duchess herself with an azure fascinator, or pull a Carrie Bradshaw and just put a whole bird on your head. It’s your day, no judgements here.

Image: The Knotty Bride

The Nails

Manicure? French, schmench. Indulge in a pre-wedding mani-pedi (trust us, that mere hour of relaxation will do you wonders leading up to the big day), and skip the white tips in lieu of your favorite shade of blue. Feeling demure? Try Borrowed and Blue by Essie. For the bolder bride, go with Yyes Saint Laurent’s Peacock Blue. Nail art isn’t for everyone, but if you’re into the trend, the possibilities are endless.


The Undies

Sure, you’re wearing white. But that doesn’t mean your undergarments have to match. We’re firm believers in the idea that feeling beautiful starts with feeling comfortable, so opt for whatever style you like best. Whether it’s a lacy little thong or a comfortable cotton boy short, find a pretty blue pair for your good luck charm. We’ll bet your fiance(e) will feel pretty lucky, too.


The Cover-Up

Ward off the chill of a fall or winter wedding with a royal blue capelet or shawl. If you’re saying “I Do” with snow on the ground (basically any day this past winter), a pale blue fur (faux, of course!) will keep you cosy and chic, all the while resulting in truly magical wedding photos. Sporting a slinkier dress? Cover up with a navy velvet overcoat.


The Dress

If you can rock a blue wedding gown without resembling Cinderella, color us impressed (unless you are, in fact, tying the knot in Disney World — in which case, we hope the pumpkin carriage is included). But for most brides, a blue frock isn’t an option. A blue sash or delicate beading on the bodice will add a pop of color without being overwhelming. We also love the fun idea of trading your white crinoline for a bright blue lining.


The Monogram

For the sentimental bride, a monogram in blue thread on the inside of the gown is a small, personal way to honor the tradition. While not readily visible on the big day, it will add a certain nostalgia when you inevitably pull the gown from storage to look it over and reminisce. After all, the good luck charm belongs to you, the bride — no one else need know it’s there.