9 Hacks for Soothing & Preventing Beard Burn

Beard Burn. 'Stache Rash. Stubble Trouble. (I may have made that last one up.) Whatever you want to call it, knowing how to prevent beard burn if you're making out with a dude with facial hair or stubble is crucial. But that burning sensation you get after his face rubs against yours, is nothing to worry about — there are ways to soothe and prevent beard burn, even if you’ve got the most sensitive skin on the planet and you’ve chosen to mack it with Sasquatch.

The first thing you need to know is that a little bit of communication never hurt anyone. If you happen to be dating said-bearded man, let him know that his stubble or beard irritates your sensitive skin from time to time. If you’re not dating him — say, you just met — it’s also probably better to say something, rather than letting him wonder why you’re leaning in the opposite direction with a pained expression on your face.

The next step to combatting beard burn, then, is to look into methods of fixing the issue, both preventative and after-the-fact, and the whole thing really just comes down to ingredients. Healthy, natural, non-irritating ingredients will help. Here’s your foolproof guide to getting rid of beard burn, 'stache rash, or stubble trouble. (Hang on, getting that patented.)

Use Shea Butter Both As An Anti-Chafe Balm & Post-Irritation Cream

Organic Shea Butter , $12, Amazon

Organic shea butter works both as an anti-chafing balm and a soothing post-irritation cream. This one is entirely natural and unrefined, meaning that there’s no chemicals, fillers, or anything else to counteract the healing vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients. It moisturizes and lubricates skin without clogging pores, and because it’s both hypoallergenic and absorbs into skin quickly, you’re getting nothing but awesome healing benefits.

Heal Chapped Skin With Aloe Vera

SEVEN Minerals Aloe Vera Gel , $19, Amazon

Aloe vera is a great trick to soothe beard burn (or burns of all kind), but most brands have fillers, synthetic colors, added fragrances, and alcohol, all of which may be too rough for damaged skin. SEVEN Minerals' aloe vera gel is made with 100 percent natural thickener seaweed extract, absorbing rapidly with no sticky residue - leaving your skin smooth and silky with just the cold-pressed gel from the aloe vera plant. It moisturizes and rejuvenates skin without clogging pores, and it's easy to apply before or after a make-out session.

Only Exfoliate Hours Before, And With The Most Gentle Ingredients

Repechage Honey & Almond Facial Exfoliator , $32, Amazon

Exfoliation is important, but removing dead skin cells right before exposes the new and vulnerable skin to your makeout buddy's whiskers. If you’re set to see him at night, exfoliate early in the morning, and with something very gentle and moisturizing. Repechage's honey and almond facial exfoliator is made with great all-natural ingredients, like honey extract, which contains all the necessary elements to heal, moisturize, and rejuvenate skin. It gently opens up pores to buff away dead skin without causing irritation or sensitivities.

Give The Gift Of A Soft Beard

Camuel Men Beard Balm , $13, Amazon

If the beard you're pressing your face against is adequately conditioned, you’re less likely to feel that scratching and irritation. This beard balm makes a great (partially selfish) gift because it has only natural and healthy ingredients like mango butter and beeswax to keep that beard sleek, smooth, and soft. Reviewers say it’s got an incredible scent and the texture is easy to work with, so everyone’s happy.

Soothe The Affected Area With Rosehip Seed Oil

Aria Starr Beauty Pure Rosehip Seed Oil , $13, Amazon

Rosehip seed oil has incredible skin-soothing abilities, as it’s full of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and heal damaged cells. This Aria Starr Beauty pure rosehip seed oil is super lightweight and non-greasy, and because it’s got nothing but pure, cold-pressed rosehip seed oil in it, it won’t further irritate your skin. It comes with an easy-to-apply dropper top, and will work like miracle oil on dry and tired skin.

Cleanse Your Face With Green Tea

Konjac Facial Green Tea Sponge , $8, Amazon

This Konjac facial green tea sponge might be the gentlest facial sponge you’ll ever own. It hydrates your face, opens pores, balances pH, and pulls out impurities without damaging skin. When it's wet, the all-natural bamboo konjac is extra-soft. This one in particular is infused with antioxidant-rich green tea, which is especially great for healing beard burn, and because it has a string threaded through it, it hangs up in your shower for easy storage.

Heal Skin With A Protein Found In Milk

Organic Goat Milk Soap , $11, Amazon

According to Neal B. Schultz, MD, professor of dermatology, milk has a specific protein that acts as buffer against painful inflammation, and after a full night of bearded macking, your usual face wash will most likely sting. This organic goat milk soap is loaded with moisturizing and healing goat’s milk that’s packed with essential vitamins. It’s free of any chemicals, additives, or fillers that’ll irritate your skin, and it leaves your face feeling smooth, soft, and nurtured.

Cover The Affected Area With An Extra-Soft Washcloth

BambooFy Natural Bamboo Washcloths , $13, Amazon

It’s a good idea to soothe the irritated area with a wet washcloth for about ten minutes, but rough cotton will only agitate skin further. These bamboo washcloths are woven entirely from bamboo fabric, which is infinitely softer and more gentle. They’re also super durable and machine-washable, but lightweight and absorbent, and contain no dyes or chemicals that’ll bother sensitive skin.

And If Worse Comes to Worst, Help Him Get A Closer Shave

Vi-Tae Conditioning and Lubricating Natural Shaving Cream , $28, Amazon

When 5 O’clock 'stache rash becomes an issue, it could mean that a closer shave is in order. This Vi-Tae conditioning shaving cream allows for effortless razor glide with all natural ingredients that smooth skin and prevent ingrown hairs. It’s got a great consistency that goes on easy and makes for a close, long-lasting shave all day long.

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