11 Shaving Tips That Can Change Your Life

Shaving. The eternal struggle. But it doesn't necessarily have to be. There are probably mistakes you're making while shaving that are making your life way harder than needed. The good news is, they're all incredibly easy to remedy.

My relationship to shaving has been contentious over the years. I'm often resentful that there's societal pressure on women to shave in the first place (that hair is natural, darn it!), and yet I can't help but admit that I definitely love it when my legs and underarms are totally smooth. At the end of the day, I know the choice of whether or not to shave my legs is mine (and every woman's) to make. And I choose to shave my legs; I love the feel of freshly shaved skin, what can I say?

So the question then becomes: how can I achieve smooth, shaved skin with the least discomfort, time, and annoyance possible? As many of you will know, shaving outside the shower is never all that convenient. You're left with a ton of soap on your body and no easy way to get it off. So shaving in the shower is totally key to this process.

If you can relate to this struggle in any way and are looking for ways to make your life just a little easier, here are 11 tips that will make your shower shave way, way better.

1. Exfoliate

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A compilation piece for Birchbox on how to shave in the shower and not regret it later stressed the importance of good exfoliation beforehand. "An exfoliator will help purge dead surface cells, and lift your [hair] up for a smoother, cleaner cut," the outlet noted.

2. Get A Multi-Purpose Shave Cream

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Birchbox also recommended investing in a multi-purpose shave cream that can act as a body wash and moisturizer. That way you'll be cutting all your usual steps down to just one.

3. Invest In A Good Razor (Seriously!)

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OK, this is a personal tip that I learned way too late in life. There is just absolutely no comparison when it comes to cheap disposable razors and an actual high quality one. You'll notice a difference right away, because not only will a good razor contour to your nooks and crannies, but it will often get all the hair in once stroke.

4. Don't Start Shaving Right Away

In a Good Housekeeping piece, dermatologist Christine Choi Kim recommended making shaving the very last step in your shower routine. That way, you skin will have absorbed as much of the hydration from the shower as possible, which will help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs.

5. Replace Your Razor Blades Regularly

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Good Housekeeping also reminded us to replace your razor and razor blades regularly. Nothing is worse than dragging a dull blade across your most sensitive areas over and over again because the metal has rusted. Trust me when I say this one is a game changer

6. Get A Non-Fogging Mirror

Z'Fogless Shower Mirror, $19.99,

That's right — non-fogging shower mirrors exist, and they make shaving and assessing certain hard-to-see places infinitely easier. Think about investing in one for a simple way to make shaving a lot better.

7. Lather With Actual Shaving Cream, Not Just Soap

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A piece for StyleCaster urged us to always shave with actual shaving cream or foam instead of regular old soap. "Soap dries out your skin, while conditioner or a cream based product helps to provide moisture, which makes for a smooth shave," they said.

8. Use Short Strokes

StyleCaster also noted that shaving with shorter strokes, as opposed to fewer and longer ones, is a much better way to remove hair the first time. This prevents buildup on the razor and will ultimately take less time.

9. Find The Right Products For Your Skin

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This is another personal tip. You wouldn't buy face wash, moisturizer, or shampoo that wasn't specialized for your body and needs, right? The same holds true for the shaving cream you use. There are a ton of products on the market for all different skin types.

10. Avoid Loofahs Post-Shave

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Women's Health recommended avoiding loofahs, washcloths, or any other exfoliants after you shave. "The tugging at newly shaven skin can cause major irritation and can even lead to redness and bumps," they noted. It is important to note, though, that using a loofah for the exfoliation beforehand might be a good idea.

11. Don't Overdo It On The Shaving Cream

Women's Health also noted not to overdo it on the shaving cream. It might be fun to coat it on super thick, but the reality is you don't need a ton, and it can just prevent your razor from connecting to the hair you're trying to remove. This means you'll often end up going over certain areas again and again until there is finally less lotion covering your skin.

Shaving is annoying, but it doesn't have to totally suck. Use the above tips and trick to help make your next shower shaving experience a breeze.

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