Is Danny Ever Coming Back To 'The Mindy Project'? Dr. Castellano's Absence Has Been Felt In Many Ways

As The Mindy Project's first Hulu season comes to an end, one question is becoming glaringly apparent, both to the audience and the actual characters in the show. Is Danny coming back to The Mindy Project , like ever? According to TVLine, Chris Messina will only be a recurring guest star in Season 5, which could say a lot about the direction the show is heading in.

Mindy's romantic life aside, the show this week pondered the greater affects of his absence. For one thing, business is down. Danny's skills may have paralleled Mindy's, but he was the most senior doctor at the practice. Jeremy has so few friends — and his storylines have suffered this season because of it. Personally, I'm not a fan of the attempts to make Jody the new Danny, both in the practice and with Mindy. It only goes to widen the gap left by Dr. Castellano. This Tuesday, his absence was felt hardest on the softball team. It's the little things.

So, is the show moving past Danny completely? It's sad to think that just because he and Mindy broke up he has to leave the series completely, even if it is realistic for coworker relationships. For the record, I love Coach Stan From Mad Men as a boyfriend for Mindy and I hope he stays forever. The character's real name is Drew, actually, and he and Mindy have a natural, good thing going. He was in more than one episode, so that's promising. Considering how much Danny devolved into The Worst during the front half of Season 4, I'm currently 50/50 on whether or not I want him and Mindy to be endgame on this show.


The phrase "recurring guest star" does not sound promising in terms of Danny returning to the practice. Tough luck, Jeremy. However, since he and Mindy do have a child together and will always have some kind of feelings for one another — I think we know what his place is now in the series. Even if we still see him from time to time and he and Mindy do get back together, The Mindy Project will always be just a little bit different.

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