Who Is Paul Abrahamian From ‘Big Brother 18’? Get To Know The Cast Member With The Phenomenal Beard

It's here! It's here! The Big Brother 18 roster has hit the web! You know what that means: It's time to comb through the cast bios and try to guess who will rule the BB house. Now, while Paulie Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso are probably safe bets (you know, presuming they share their siblings' BB skills), I think Paul Abrahamian could be a serious BB18 competitor. Why? Because dogs.

Abrahamian is a 23-year-old clothing designer who hails from Tarzana, Calif., and if his CBS.com bio is to be believed, he sounds like a guy who appreciates a fun time: He likes concerts! He likes mosh pits! He likes stage diving! He likes crowd surfing! He likes going on hikes! He likes going to popular Hollywood bars like Good Times at Davey Wayne’s and No Vacancy! He prides himself on knowing how to get under people's skin! What a guy!

What else does the internet know about Abrahamian? Here are some of the highlights from my Google search: He has a clothing line called Deadskull, he plays (played?) guitar for post-hardcore band REVIVER, he does some beard modeling, he may or may not teach kids how to play chess, and he loves dogs. And he posts a lot of excellent pics with adorable dogs. And I am here for all of it.

After a quick scroll through Abrahamian’s Instagram account, I've reached the following conclusion: If the dude is as good at playing the Big Brother game as he is posing for photos with puppies, this season will be his for the taking.

What does snapping pics with cute pooches have to do with BB? Everything, duh. (I know, I know. What a wildly airtight argument!)

Big Brother 18 will premiere on June 22 on CBS.

Images: CBS; @deadskull/Instagram