How Well Do You Know PB&J? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

We all grew up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but they’re not just a lunchbox staple for kids. For adults of all ages, whether you're a non-athlete or gold medal-winning gymnast like Shawn Johnson, PB&J on toast is still a go-to for a quick breakfast option or a pre-workout snack. But as much peanut butter and jelly as we put in our bodies over the years — in the form of sandwiches, unconventional dessert mashups, or just on its own — what do we actually know about the iconic pairing?

For instance, what are the origins of peanut butter and jelly? How many PB&J sandwiches will a kid eat in a lifetime? In partnership with Smucker’s®, we’ve put together a quiz that will put your PB&J IQ to the test, covering your knowledge or best guesses on the history and weird trivia about the delicious combo.

We may never know the science behind why peanut butter and jelly go together, but click here to find out whether you're a gold, silver, or bronze medal-winning PB&J expert!

Click here to play How Well Do You Know PB&J !

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Image: Dawn Foster / Bustle