Why 'Saturday Night Live's Unaired Woman Workplace Warriors Sketch Is A Must-Watch — VIDEO

Tuesday, a very important unaired Season 40 Saturday Night Live sketch appeared on YouTube. In it, Miley Cyrus, who was the host of the October 2015 episode the sketch was taken from, stars alongside Aidy Bryant as a character in a 1983 television show called Woman Workplace Warriors. At first, the two are getting criticism from their boss Mr. Dildorf (get it, dildo!) and his male colleagues for bringing the wrong cigars, and they accept the words against them admitting, "we were just little idiots who should've known better." But then, when the business jerks take a proposal the girls wrote, they use the magical potion they stumbled upon in Egypt made the tears of Cleopatra (hey it is an SNL sketch, so its got to be goofy) and fight back. It had me thinking, "if only this cut Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Miley Cyrus were real."

There are so many examples of why woman in the workplace need heroes, but I'm just going to focus on the reasons why I wish the Woman Workplace Warriors could be available at the dial of one of those giant '80s cordless phone and not just as a cheesy '80s television show. But honestly I would be down with real life Warriors, or simply a television version, and here's why:

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

1. They've Got Some Serious Rage

Making the jump from mild-mannered and accepting to not taking any more bull-doody seems essential to finally being treating as equals.

2. They Do Something With Their Anger

Sure, not all of us can turn into televised '80s superheros, but their commitment to actually changing something is inspiring. Just look at that briefcase and giant phone!

3. They Are Unified

Look at all those ladies coming together to fight the patriarchy. Yay!

4. The Shoulder Pads And Hair

'Nuff said, really.

5. They Strive To Bring Equality

With just a spray of ancient perfume they can bring equality to the business world? Sign me up.

6. They Turn Bad Guys Into Salad

And all women love salad, right?

7. They Get Their Power From Cleopatra And The Goddess Linda

Pretty sure Linda isn't a real character in Egyptian mythology, but Cleopatra is definitely a famous person in Egyptian mythology — and she was a straight-up queen.

8. They're Always Ready To Help A Lady In Need

All one needs is to give them call, and they're down to bust down the walls to help out the shy gal who needs a little woman warrior in her life to make her feel stronger.

9. They Make Sexist Men Gibbering Fools

Take that, Suits!

10. They Laugh A Lot

Sometimes, laughter and a sense of humor is the key to combatting "The Man."

11. They've Got A Dream Team

If the vigor of those ladies doesn't have the baddies quaking in their boots, there is something fundamentally wrong with said "baddies."

Women Workplace Warriors, assemble! But seriously, please...we need you and your shoulder pads like, yesterday.

Images: SNL/YouTube (12)