Nick Jonas Takes The Blame For The Jonas Brothers Break Up That You Still Aren't Over

Jonas Brothers fans, I'm going to need you to sit down. Are you sitting? Good. Now take a cleansing breath. OK, I have some news. On Tuesday night, Nick Jonas appeared on Watch What Happens Live! and he, um... he said some things. Things that may or may not send a still-mourning JoBros fan into a complete tailspin. As it turns out, Nick Jonas was the cause of the Jonas Brothers breakup. While you may be upset, please don't burn your Jonas Brothers posters in effigy. They might be worth something one day.

Here's what went down. Andy Cohen, who is unafraid to say almost anything, posed this straightforward question pondered by a fan. He asked, "When the Jonas Brothers broke up, who was the one that initiated it?" To his credit, Jonas gave an equally as straightforward answer. He revealed that, "I was. It was a very tough conversation and it left the family kind of shaken up for a little while."

But, Cohen didn't leave it at that. He pried further, asking, "Were they surprised when you came in and initiated it?" Jonas said, "Yeah, we were about to start a tour. We were two days from starting a tour." To which I have to say— we know, dude. We. Know.

It was hard for a Jonas Brothers fan back in those dark days. It's still hard. So, here are eight Jonas Brothers songs to help you cope with this reopened wound that the youngest JoBro just rubbed some salt into.

1. Let Us First Remember Their Greatness

Jonas Brothers on YouTube

I sure do.

2. I Mean, Come On

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube

My inner teen is flailing.

3. They Were So Much Fun

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube

Were. Past tense.

4. An Appropriately Titled Song For This Situation

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube


5. They Really Knew How To Churn Out Jams

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube

We could've had it all...

6. Here's Something For You To Channel Your Emotions Into

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube

Excuse me while I raise a lighter and sway.

7. Oh, And This Too

ilovejb4eva on YouTube

Goodbye and Goodnight, indeed.

8. Here's One Last Thing, In Order To Cheer You Up

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube

That was heavy. I apologize.

Just when I thought I was over it, Nick Jonas brings these pained feels rushing back. I'm not OK, you guys. I'm not OK. Nick, I'm happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but the Jonas Brothers are still my favorite band of all time.