Is Harry Styles Playing Mick Jagger In A New Movie? Rumors Are Flying & The Comparisons Are Valid

Brace yourselves, One Direction fans, because there's some wild rumors abounding that you're going to love. As reported from unnamed sources in the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star, Harry Styles is rumored to be playing Mick Jagger in a new film about The Rolling Stones. Set to reportedly chronicle the intensely difficult period during which the band recorded their 1972 double album Exile On Main Street, 22 year-old Styles is allegedly going to be playing the rocker, who was 30 at the time of which the film is to be set. This is all wild speculation that hasn't been in any way verified yet but the mere suggestion that Styles could be playing the notorious rock star was enough for a whirring shriek of curious excitement to immediately start bellowing from my simple little brain. Comparisons between Styles and Jagger have been rampant for years (and for good reason, which I'll launch into in just a minute), but interestingly enough, this also isn't the first time that these rumors have been circulating.

Back in September 2015, there were several outlets reporting the unverified rumor that Jagger allegedly wanted Styles to play him in Martin Scorsese's HBO drama, Vinyl. The big twist there, however, was that Jagger didn't actually feature in the show, but was an executive producer of it. Still, for this rumor to be popping up twice in less than a year must mean that there could be a glimmer of truth somewhere in there, right? Because, frankly, the comparisons between the two musicians are startling. It would be a wasted opportunity not to see Styles strutting about as the rocker when there's similarities this deep:

Those Luscious Locks Of Hair

Cooper Neill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jagger has always had a magnificent head of hair, and as Styles has grown up, his hair has also grown with him. As a result, that long hair gives Styles serious junior Jagger vibes.

Moves That Deserve Their Own Song


Jagger's already had a song penned for his legendary moves, but surely it's only a matter of time before someone dedicates an entire song to the dancing prowess of Styles, too, right?

A Penchant For The Ladies

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

With a list of romantic interests which have allegedly included such women as Sophie Dahl, Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, Janice Dickenson and Jerry Hall, there's no denying that Jagger enjoys the company of beautiful women. Judging from the rumored dalliances that Styles has enjoyed, he's not much different either, with alleged ex-girlfriends including Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and Caroline Flack.

Some Great Tastes In Fashion

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Both of these guys have threads like nobody else. Vivid, bold, colourful, glamourous, envy inducing threads (and they wear them well).

That Quintessential British Cheekiness


Think Benny Hill, bare bottoms, and being so completely at ease with ones self that being naked becomes a delightful, liberating past time.

Great Bone Structures...

Great jawline? Check. Strong noses? Check. Spectacular cheekbones? Check.

...As Well As Defining Pouts

Completely uncanny, right? Styles' pout might be quite as iconic as Jaggers' (One Direction are unlikely to start branding everything with a cartoon portrait of his mouth anytime soon) but it's definitely just as prominent.

Legions Of Screaming, Adoring Fans

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Jagger even once told CNN that the frenzy surrounding One Direction reminded him of The Rolling Stones after he'd watched one of their concerts on the TV: "It reminded me very much of our early concerts, when we were pushed around among the audience and we would kind of float.They were like, floating above the audience, and they looked really distinctly uncomfortable.

Flawless Stage Presence


They both know how to put on a show for their audiences and own the stage with a swaggering confidence which is eerily similar.

Even if the rumors that Styles is to play Jagger turn out not to be true, surely someone, somewhere can throw together a movie which will give the young musician the opportunity to embody Jagger? It truly would be a waste of coincidences and similarities otherwise.

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