Kim Kardashian's Video For North West's Birthday Shows She Has The Same Hope As Any Mom — VIDEO

The first item of business I would like to address that Wednesday is North West's third birthday. It is important for commoners to salute royalty on their days of birth, so here it goes — Happy birthday to her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Calabasas, North West! Alright, now that we've gotten that out of the way, allow me to point out that in a totally sweet video Kim Kardashian shared for North's birthday, she proved celebs really are just like the rest of us, and Kardashian is a mother just like any other. Sure, there's cameras on her all the time, she has excessive wealth, and she is apart of a family of marketing geniuses, but this video proves the truth. Is she not human? Does she not feel?

In the video, Kardashian holds her daughter on her lap while lounging poolside and jokingly asks her, "You're not going to get any bigger. You're not going to get any taller. You're going to stay little forever, OK?" Of course, North responds "K" because she's a smart girl and knows that being an adult comes with bill paying and weird back pain that used to not be there. (Although, another version of the video shows North adorably screaming after some questions. See below.) Kardashian goes on, "And you're not going to eat your veggies because I want you to stay really small!"

I'm sure the h8rs are already on Twitter going on about how Kardashian is a bad mother for not feeding her daughter vegetables and wishing North wouldn't get bigger ("What is she? Kim's small dog in her Gucci bag? This is an outrage!"). But honestly, there are so many mothers who echo similar sentiments when their children are teensy tiny and still really easy to snuggle. (Plus, the vegetables thing was obviously a joke.) If anything, this cute moment reminds us that despite all the Kardashian-West trappings, the reality star feels the same love for her daughter that any mother does.

And don't even get me started on the Ella's Kitchen smoothie packet in the right corner of the frame. There's literally fruits and vegetables in the image. Which is just another example of Kardashian being a normal mother — she's prepared with snacks for her daughter at all times, because children get grouchy so easily and snacks are a wonderful mood appeaser.

I don't want to hear any of it from you Kim-haters out there. Kardashian is a human just like the rest of us, and so is her wee little babe Nori. And anyway, why can't we all just get along? It's the birthday of one of the most royal members of this nation, HRH North West, so on this day of all days lets try to work out our Kardashian-ignited differences. Happy birthday, Nori!