How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally This Summer

When summer rolls around, the urge to lighten your hair often strikes. Whether you're a natural blonde and want to go blonder, or have dark hair and just crave something brighter during the warmer months, it's a really popular time to go lighter — but do you really have to pay for highlights? If you're wondering how to lighten your hair naturally, there are actually plenty of ways to get some added brightness without having to make a trip to the salon. Your wallet (and hair health) will seriously thank you.

Not only can highlights be expensive, but the bleach can also seriously damage your hair, so lightening up naturally is definitely a better option. It depends how light you want to go, though, because if you want a drastic change, you may have to book an appointment with a professional, but if you just want to brighten up a little bit, then it's the perfect time to try out a natural way to lighten your hair. Bonus? When fall/winter hits and you're ready for something darker again, it's a much easier and natural transition than if you had bleached your hair. Seriously.

Check out these seven ways to lighten your hair naturally and skip the salon this summer.

1. Get Out In The Sun

Sun naturally lightens hair if you spend a lot of time out in it, but to get the strongest effect from it, mix up a salt spray using water with a little bit of salt. The salt opens up the cuticle so your hair will be more vulnerable to the UV exposure.

2. Try Lemon

Dilute lemon juice with water and apply either all over as a mask, or painted on as highlights. It's best if you sit out in the sun to let the heat activate the lemon juice, and then wash out and shampoo/condition as normal.

3. Use Oranges

If you're craving something more subtle and golden, try the above but use orange and lemon juice.

4. Apply Chamomile Tea

Choice Organic Chamomile Tea, $4, Amazon

Steep a chamomile tea bag for ten minutes, pour over your hair, and leave on overnight. This will give your hair a golden glow, and bonus, it's safe to use on already colored hair.

5. Mix Baking Soda

Arm & Hammer, $6, Amazon

Combine a teaspoon of baking soda with water and rinse after you shampoo to help brighten up. The alkaline nature of the baking soda will lift your hair's cuticle.

6. Make A Cinnamon Mask

McCormick Ground Cinnamon, $4, Amazon

This one is great if you have dark hair because it will help subtly lighten your hair without adding brassiness. Make a paste with cinnamon and water and apply to hair and leave it on as long as you want, up to overnight, and then rinse.

7. Use Honey

HoneyTree's Organic Wildflower Honey, $6, Amazon

To moisturize and lighten your hair at the same time, combine honey with your conditioner and rinse, or leave on longer as a mask.

Images: Pexels; Amazon; Unsplash