ABC's 'Mixology' Premiere Included These 10 Horrendously Offensive Jokes

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ABC's high-concept comedy Mixology premiered Wednesday night, and if you haven't watched it, let me spare you the time. It's not that Mixology isn't funny or that its premise has been overdone. In fact, the premise of Mixology is probably the most interesting thing about this sitcom: the entire season will take place over one night in a bar and will feature 10 singles who, by the end of the night, will pair off with one another. Unfortunately, the somewhat intriguing concept and relatively likable actors are completely overshadowed by the fact that Mixology's humor is crazy sexist and offensive. It's like if Dads had a baby with The Hangover, and then that baby thought rape jokes were really, really funny.

Here are the moments that made us cringe the most during the pilot.

Images: ABC

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