11 Hacks To Know If You're A Sweaty Person

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It's a hard knock life for those of us who just happen to sweat a lot. I mean, it can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing in some situations. So, what's a person to do, as we head into the dog days of summer? What are some great hacks for sweaty people?

Well luckily, there are a lot of things out there that you can do to keep your sweaty suffering to a minimum this year — everything from clinical strength anti-perspirant (it works) and Botox injections (it really works) to making better choices with your summer wardrobe can help keep all of that annoying sweating to a minimum. Heck, even strange things that have to do with your diet can make a world of difference — you'd be surprised. And hey, even if the sweating itself can't be helped, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent the bugaboos that come along with it, such as pit stains and smelly feet (hint: one of them involves coffee grounds).

So, where to get started? Read on to find out some major sweat hacks.

1. Get The Right Anti-Perspirant

With all the wealth of options out there, it can be tough to choose the perfect anti-perspirant. Don't be afraid to go for something heavy-duty if the situation calls for it!

2. Consider Clinical Strength

In fact, if your sweating is really bad, you might even consider talking to your doctor about prescription anti-perspirant.

3. Botox Can Help Too

Did you know a shot of Botox to the armpit stops your sweat glands in their tracks? Crazy, right? If you want a longer-lasting solution, this could be it.

4. Avoid Caffeine & Spicy Foods

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This one's a toughie, but it might just be worth your while: you see, both spicy foods and caffeine can actually cause you to sweat more, according to Scientific American and Livestrong. If it's a particularly hot day or you're wearing a shirt that will show off pit stains you may want to cut down on consuming these kinds of foods and drinks.

5. Coffee Grounds Absorb Sweat

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What to do with all that coffee you're not drinking? Well, you can try sprinkling some of it in your shoes — coffee grounds are great for soaking up sweat, and they also help with odors, according to Daily Burn. Bonus points for the fact that you'll walk around smelling like a freshly brewed cup of java!

6. Baby Powder & Baking Soda Are Your Friends

If being a walking coffee shop isn't exactly your jam, you can always go the more traditional route and add some baby powder and/or baking soda to your sneakers. As with the coffee grounds, they can work wonders when it comes to freshening things up.

7. Wear Cotton & Linen To Minimize Moisture

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One of the best sweat hacks? Avoiding it altogether in the first place! If you stick to breathable natural fibers like cotton and linen (as opposed to man made fabrics like polyester), it should help you stay cool.

Cosmopolitan also points out that the same goes for your undergarments — so, if you're so inclined, it might be time to ditch the heavily synthetic padded bra for an ultra-breezy bralette.

8. Sweat-Wicking Fabrics Are A Thing

Performance sportswear can be great for those of us who sweat a lot, according to Shape — they keep you dry, and they can be an absolute godsend if you happen to live (or travel to) a particularly humid climate.

9. Wear Tops With Large Armholes

Lifehacker suggests this method so your pits can breathe better — and if you do happen to sweat, no pit stains! Problem solved.

10. Feminine Hygiene Products Can Help

You can always slap some pantyliners under your arms like this genius XOVain articles shows you if you're in really dire, sweaty straits.

11. Remove Your Pit Stains At Home

Pit stains can seem like an insurmountable foe, but it's actually possible to vanquish them: All you need is white vinegar, baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, according to PopSugar. Voila!

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