Becky Steals The Show In 'Finding Dory' & Joins The List of Pixar Movie Scene Stealers

Dory became the ultimate Pixar scene stealer when Finding Dory first came out in theaters in 2003. Bright, funny, endearing, and quirky before it was cool, Dory was everybody's favorite. So it makes sense that now, 13 years later, Dory is getting her very own sequel in Finding Dory. But now that Dory is the main protagonist, the question is who is going to take her place as the scene-stealer in Finding Dory. While Pixar is adding many new characters to its repertoire, including Hank, a grumpy octopus, and Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark, it's Becky, the loon bird, that has everybody talking (and, no, she's not "Becky with the good hair".... I think). Becky steals the show in Finding Dory , joining the long list of Pixar movie scene stealers we all know and love.

Only briefly shown in the trailers for Finding Dory, Becky the loon appears frazzled, with her feathers sticking out at odd angles and her head stuck in an empty popcorn cup. Fans eager to see Finding Dory don't know much about her, other than the fact that she seems to put off Marlin, who, let's face it, has a tendency to reject fun characters (as he does throughout Finding Nemo). Nemo, on the other hand, takes a liking to Becky, and forces Marlin to warm up to her too. Becky isn't the first Pixar scene stealer, and she certainly won't be the last. Here are some of the other Pixar movie scene stealers Becky will be joining in the studio's hall of fame.

Edna E. Mode — The Incredibles


Everyone's favorite superhero costume designer and her catchphrase — "NO CAPES!" — will live on forever.

Roz — Monster's Inc.


Roz might be a bit of an antagonist, but her hilarious droll and dislike of Mike made her everyone's favorite character to imitate on the playground.

Aliens — Toy Story


These "eternally grateful" squeaky toys might be mindless followers, but they sure are cute.

Dug — Up


Dug is the dog everyone wishes — SQUIRREL! — they had.

Little Brothers — Brave


The three littler brothers from Brave were complete troublemakers, but just look at their adorable faces. Plus, they were pretty darn cute as baby bears, too.

Crush & Squirt — Finding Nemo


Crush and Squirt made a whole generation obsessed with sea turtles after they helped bring Marlin to Nemo, and it looks like they're back in Finding Dory for new kids to obsess over.

Trixie — Toy Story 3


Trixie is a dinosaur having an online relationship. I wish I were that cool.

Heimlich — A Bug's Life


All poor Heimlich wanted in life was to be a butterfly, but his endearing accent and bright coloring made us all want him to stay a chubby caterpillar.

Bullseye — Toy Story 2


Bullseye is one of the rare Toy Story toys that doesn't talk, but that doesn't make him any less lovable. With his eagerness to please and his clumsy legs, Bullseye is the perfect sidekick for Woody.

Pixar movies would be nothing without their irresistible scene stealers. Now, if only we could get a movie of all of them together.

Images: Disney/Pixar; Giphy (9)