All The Little Mix Snapchat Names In One Quick, Easy List

It happens to us all. The day you somehow manage to watch every last interview, listen to every song, and watch every music video from your favorite music group, and you are suddenly left with no more media to catch up on. But don't worry, guys, because it's not the end for you if you think you've seen all you can see of Little Mix, the British girl group formed in 2011 for the UK X Factor. No, in fact, you can still low-key cyberstalk the pop sensations that are Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock on their Snapchats. (Sorry, no Jesy Nelson snaps anymore.) That's right, the following is a list of the Snapchat names of the ladies of Little Mix.

This girl group, which is signed to Simon Cowell's label, Syco Music, even has an Instagram devoted to capturing some of their best snaps, so you won't miss a thing. Items included are a whole bunch of selfies, some scenery visuals, and quite a good deal of all-around goofiness from the girls and their friends. And sure, Nelson no longer seems to have a Snapchat, but one can be sure to spy her in her Little Mix pals' Snaps from time to time.

Perrie Edwards (perriesnap)

Edwards brings the selfies to the group, and fans appreciate it. There's something about that mermaid hair that makes one want to gaze at it for long periods of time. She looks to be a big fan of Snapchat filters, proving the stars are just like us.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock (leigh-annepinn)

All of the snaps the girls share make it seem like they are constantly having a great time. They're on a boat! No, they're on a tour and it's Jesy's birthday! No, they're just dancing and drinking for fun! Pinnock is definitely the heaviest snapper, and she's the first to show off the goofy fun the crew is having. And she's not ashamed to be ridiculous at her own expense, which really is a wonderful quality to have.

Jade Thirlwall (justjadeamelia)

Thirlwall is the least of the snappers (beside Nelson's Snapchat which has gone MIA). But when she does pull something out, it is pure comedic gold. She can also be caught dancing and being silly very often in the snaps of one Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

Jesy Nelson

Even though Nelson no longer seems to have a Snapchat, you can still get a glimpse of her in the snaps of her bandmates. And luckily, the girls spend a lot of time together, so you have a chance for a lot of Nelson acting a fool quite often.

Thanks to the beauty that is the internet, there are now even more ways to admire your favorite X Factor created band (just kidding Fifth Harmony, you know I dig you ladies). Stay tuned to their Snapchats to see what crazy and zany activities party people Little Mix will get into next!